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Buster's Hidden Treasure is a video game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive released by Konami in 1993.


While cleaning out the Acme Looniversity attic, Buster Bunny finds a treasure map. Montana Max, destined to find the treasure for himself, steals the map from Buster. He hires Dr. Gene Splicer, who captures and brainwashes several of Buster's friends, and Elmyra Duff, who captures several others, including Babs Bunny. Buster Bunny teams up with Gogo Dodo, Concord Condor, Little Beeper, and Li'l Sneezer to beat Monty to the treasure and rescue his friends.


The game shares many elements with Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog video game series; It features a speedy blue animal and a mad scientist. It also features similar levels, such as forests, caves, mountains, and factories.

If Buster gains enough speed, the slide maneuver can be used to slide into enemies.

In addition to Buster's speed, he is also able to bounce off walls. He can use this to reach higher places.

Buster's life consists of hearts. He starts out with three and can find bells to enhance it up to five. If he loses a life, he will restart with three hearts again. By collecting crystals, Buster will be invincible for a short period of time.

The currency in the game is carrots. For every 50 carrots Buster collects, he gains one chance to use a helper, in the form of Concord Condor, Little Beeper, or Lil' Sneezer. By using a helper, all onscreen enemies will be destroyed.

To complete each level, Buster must find Gogo Dodo, who will allow him to jump into a portal that leads to the next level. There are over 30 levels in the game, including hidden ones. Additionally, Buster can find portals reminiscent of the show's rainbow-colored logo, that will take him to Wackyland. Here, Buster must attempt to collect as many items as he can before touching one of the numerous Gogo Dodo clones that populate Wackyland.

At the end of every few levels, Buster will face a boss, usually one of his friends brainwashed by Splicer. To disable the mind control, Buster must jump on Splicer's head several times, as the helmets are spiky and cannot be stepped on.


  • Grassland - The enemies here consist of clones of Perfecto Prep student Roderick Rat (including ones that bounce on pogo sticks), a shrew riding a ball (from the Weirdest Story Ever Told episode segment, To Babs or Not to Babs) and ravens that drop apples. Your helper here is Concord Condor. The boss here is Dizzy Devil, whose basic attack is spinning.
  • Forest - The enemies in this stage include tomato-throwing trolls (from the Brave Tales of Real Rabbits episode segment, Day For Knight), The Wolverine (from the episode, Buster and the Wolverine), owls, and bats. Your helper in this stage is Little Beeper, who in one act, is actually possible to get five chances to use him. The boss in this stage is Calamity Coyote, whose basic attack is tossing bombs, while Splicer hides in one of four boxes attached to a water wheel. After you defeat Splicer, Calamity will fall down the waterfall in a comical fashion.
  • Dark Cave - The enemies in this stage include blue monsters that shoot bubbles (from the ending to the episode, Sawdust And Toonsil), frogs, bats, and Roderick Rat clones. Your helper in this stage is Li'l Sneezer. The boss of this stage is Plucky Duck, who attempts to hammer you while Splicer floats above him in his hovercraft. Every time stalactites fall, Splicer will duck, giving you the perfect chance to attack him.
  • Lake - This stage consists mostly of water, in which you must swim to find your way through. Enemies here consist mostly of sea creatures. Your helper in this stage is Little Beeper.
  • Lava Cave - Enemies here include green monsters (from the ending to the episode, Sawdust and Toonsil), anthropomorphic flames (from the Going Places episode segment, When You're Hot...), and bats. Your helper in this stage is Li'l Sneezer. The boss of this stage is once again, Plucky Duck, this time in his Toxic Revenger costume (in the game, he continually denies his true identity), who tries to take down Splicer on his own, who is on a floating platform.
  • Pirate Ship - Enemies here include ghosts, knights, bats, and frogs. You have no helper in this stage. The boss of this stage is Montana Max, whom Buster has beaten to the treasure seconds before. To defeat Monty, you must jump on his head several times. His basic attacks include tossing octopi, and breaking parts of the floor. If you successfully defeat Monty, he will refuse to release Babs and the others unless Buster gives him the treasure.
  • Ice Mountain - This stage requires jumping at the right time to land on platforms, or else you will fall into a bed of spikes below. Enemies here include Gotcha Grabmore (riding her snowmobile), snowmen (from the Pollution Solution episode segment, Jungle Bungle), and Arnold the Pit Bull, who is tossing bowling balls. Your helper in this stage is Concord Condor. The boss of this stage is Hamton J. Pig, who is trying to suck you up with his vaccum, while Splicer is in his hovercraft, tossing bombs from above. The best time to attack Splicer is when Hamton's vaccum powers down.
  • Factory - Enemies here include Acme-Tron (from the Playtime Toons episode segment, Happy Birthday Hamton), whose deatchable head can be used to reach higher places, bombing planes, robots (from the Fairy Tales for the 90s double-length episode segment, Bunnochio), and TV Monsters (from the Elephant Issues episode segment, Why Dizzy Can't Read). Your helper in this stage is Li'l Sneezer. The final stage has two bosses. The first is Elmyra Duff, whom you must outrun and find the exit door. If she catches you, you will instantly lose a life. The final boss is S.N.I.D.E. (from the Elephant Issues episode segment, C.L.I.D.E. and Prejudice), controlled by Monty. To defeat him, you must jump on his head while avoiding his laser eyes and retractable arms (the latter of which can be used to counterattack). In between each hit, he will fall apart and reassemble himself. If you try to enter a password to skip to this stage, it will lead to the first part of the stage.



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