Tiny Toon Adventures
Brave Tales of Real Rabbits
Season 1, Episode 59
Babs as Lady Chatterbox
Air date February 18, 1991
Written by Eddie Fitzgerald, Earl Kress, Tom Minton, Jim Reardon
Directed by Rich Arons
Gag credit Guy who thinks it's 1947 - Charlie Bean
End tag Elmyra: "Let the show begin!"
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Brave Tales of Real Rabbits is the 59th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


The episode begins with the opening to Masterhare Theater. Babs Bunny, as Lady Chatterbox, introduces herself and Lord Buster, who is trying to get his chair to recline. Babs asks Buster why he's not using his snooty british accent, and Buster tells her he hasn't gotten it in the mail yet. A delivery boy arrives and delivers the package with Buster's snooty british accent inside. Babs introduces the first cartoon about Brainy Domes and Flotsam.

In the third act, Babs is about to introduce the next cartoon about the middle ages. A knight's armor sneaks up on her, but she is not amused, and thinks Buster is inside the armor. She beats up the knight's armor, only to find Buster on the other side of the room. Babs is confused, and Buster introduces the next cartoon.

Episode Segments

And All That Rot

A double-length episode segment. Babs, as Flotsam, tells about a special case with her and Buster as Brainy Domes. One night, Buster and Babs are in their dorm room, with Buster playing the accordion and singing, "London Bridge is Falling Down". Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Buster expects a lovely young lady at the door, but when Babs opens the door, a fat and ugly messenger is there instead. The messenger tries to read his note, but the note is upside down. Babs turns the messenger upside down and he reads the note correctly, telling them that the Queen of England has lost her royal jewels somewhere in the street somewhere in South Marie, in stakes on Yorkshire, east of Sandwich. Whoever finds the queen's jewels will be rewarded with Knighthood. Buster is excited about Knighthood, as he would become Sir Brainy Domes. He tells the messenger to inform the queen that he has already detected the identity of the cur responsible for the crime. Babs asks who the culprit is, and Buster is about to tell her, but first he pulls out a spinner, which lands on Montiarity (Montana Max). He and Babs set off to find Monty.

As they begin their search at the docks, a Dog barks at Buster. Buster tells the dog to leave, and continues his search. He finds a piece of dry belly button lint, and deduces that lint rhymes with squint, which is what you do in a Clint Eastwood movie. Babs then tells the viewers that Buster is about to deduce where the hideout is. Since it's tuesday, Buster points to where Monty's hideout is. As they approach the hideout, the dog returns and barks at Buster again, this time licking him as well. Babs tells Buster the dog has taken a liking to him, but Buster does not want to be upstaged by him, and puts him in a garbage barrel outside. Buster and Babs go inside the hideout, where inside, an Annual Charity Benefit is being held. Monty is serving senior citizens tea, but Buster confronts him. Monty tells Buster that he's given up crime and now he serves tea parties for old ladies, but Buster doesn't believe him. Buster tells him he knows he stole the queen's jewels, which are all over the seniors' necks. The seniors are outraged, and Buster snatches the jewels from them. Monty tries to tell Buster the jewels aren't the queen's, but Buster doesn't listen to him, snatches the last of the jewels, and tells the seniors they are all under arrest. The seniors only get angry and beat him up as the first act ends.

In the second act, Buster and Babs run into a blue horse-drawn carriage. They tell the driver to head to the Queen's palace to return the jewels. Buster thinks the case was all too easy, but Monty pulls up beside them in a green horse-drawn carriage and snatches the jewels from him. Buster and Monty fight over the jewels, insulting each other, until they come to Big Ben, the clock tower, whose bell tolls for teatime. Everyone stops and has tea, until time is up. Buster and Monty resume their name calling, eventually ending with Buster calling Monty a Ninja Turtle. they go into the city sewer, and kick two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles out, who are now on their backs and crying. As an old man is in his apartment, turning on the water in his shower, Buster and Monty escape out the shower head. They exit his apartment and pass through a theater where an opera singer is singing. They travel up the stairs, off the roof, and into the sky, with their shadows passing the moon. They land and travel through the library, where the librarian shushes them and the horses tiptoe. They then stop at a McBangers drive through, where Buster orders two sappy meals. They are about to approach the Heath Cliff, where the blue carriage falls, but the green carriage stops in time. Babs assures that the quick thinking of the driver in the green carriage saved his life. Buster then tells the viewers that he, unfortunately, was in the blue carriage. Buster then realizes he still has the jewelry, and is ready to return them to the queen for his reward. Just then, Babs taps Buster's shoulder and points to the dog that followed him. Buster, now tired of the dog, mails him to the Middle of Nowhere in Alaska. He and Babs then set off to the Queen's palace for their reward.

At the Queen's Palace, the Queen of England (who is revealed to be Elmyra Duff) is happy that Buster found her lost jewels, and Buster gives her the bag with the jewelry inside. Buster is ready to accept his knighthood, when Elmyra taps him on the shoulder and asks him what's in the bag. Buster tells her that he found her lost jewelry for her, but Elmyra tells him she wasn't looking for jewelry, rather, she lost her dog, whose name was Jules. To Buster's surprise, that dog (which Elmyra describes as 'an orange dog with a little red collar') was the very same dog that kept bothering him throughout the cartoon. Monty and the seniors arrive with the constables, who beat Buster up for stealing the jewelry this meaning Buster is not a knight.

At Alaska, Buster calls for Jules, unable to find him. Babs says, "That's my hero!" as the cartoon irises out.

Day For Knight

The king, who is having is lunch, tells his cre to send in the royal court jester. Babs, as the court jester, insults the king, and the king sends his crew to send Babs to the Dragon's cave. Babs is worried about being eaten by the dragon, until The Dragon, who bears a striking resemblance to Woody Allen, is scared of her screaming. Babs screams again, but the Dragon tells her to calm down, and think of her sacrifice as a really deep tan. Babs needs a brave knight to rescue her.

At the Brave Knights Dispatch, Sweetie, as a homing pigeon, sends a note to Hamton telling him that Babs is captured and needs a night to rescue her. With his best knights burnt by the Dragon, he needs someone else to be sent. Buster, as a Knight in training, is trying to ride his mini-horse, which charges away and he falls off. Nearby, Montana Max and Arnold the Pit Bull are about to burn Shirley the Loon, who is tied to a pole, who is accused of witchcraft. Although Shirley pleads she is not guilty, a frog wearing a crown tells them she turned him into a prince. Monty and Arnold stare at the frog, who then tells them he got better. Buster, now on his mini-horse, is about to stop Monty and rescue Shirley, but his beeper beeps. He tells Shirley that he has to leave, which leaves Shirley to get burned by Monty and Arnold.

Hamton calls Buster to tell him that Babs is being held captive at the Dragon's cave. The camera then zooms out, revealing that they are both within earshot. Hamton tells Buster that if he doesn't make it in 30 minutes, the next rescue is free.

Back at the Dragon's cave, the Dragon has unchained Babs and feeds her grapes, telling her he's not supposed to be fraternizing with the enemy. Babs tells the Dragon that he's kind of cute.

In the forest, Buster, on his mini-horse, thinks he's lost, until he sees the bridge up ahead. The bridge is guarded by a Troll, who demands that he pay the toll. Unfortunately, Buster doesn't have any money. The troll also accepts belly button lint, but Buster doesn't have a belly button, either. The troll then tells Buster he must answer three challenges to cross the bridge. Buster must first defeat the Beige Knight. Buster at first thinks the Beige Knight is going to be easy, but the Beige Knight hits Buster with his mace. Buster recovers and looks for a sword, eventually finding one in a stone, but is unable to pull it out, so he instead takes the entire stone and crushes the Beige Knight with it. Buster has passed the first challenge, and is ready for the second challenge. The troll tells him the second challenge is a riddle. The troll asks, "What did Napoleon say at the the Battle of Waterloo?". Buster doesn't know the answer and says, "I give up." The troll then says, "Darn. They always get that one right." Having answered correctly, Buster is ready for the third and final challenge. The troll then tells Buster, "Three guys with spears, who run straight at you and fall off the cliff." Three guys with spears charge straight at Buster, but he steps to the left side and the three guys fall off the cliff. Buster has passed the third challenge, and is able to cross the bridge.

Back at the Dragon's cave, Babs, as a therapist, talks to the Dragon. The dragon tells her about his sixth birthday party, where, having tried to blow out the candles on his cake, sent six of his friends to the Burn Center. Buster arrives and is ready to battle the Dragon, but the Dragon doesn't want to fight. Thanks to Babs, he is a pacifist and prefers to play the clarinet. Buster, who still wants to battle, grabs the dragon by his tall, slams him to the floor, and stomps on his glasses. Babs tells Buster to leave the Dragon alone, as the Dragon has been rehabilitated. The Dragon still wants to do something about his breath. Suddenly, Buster has an idea.

Buster opens a Ye Old Tacos restaurant, and serves a McBoar Head Sandwich, cajun style, to the troll. The Dragon has a new job at the restaurant, cooking the food with his breath. Babs has a new job at the restaurant, as the jester, with Hamton as her drummer. As Buster is about to serve a roasted turkey, Shirley arrives, burnt, but still alive, and when Buster asks "Care for some chicken?" she angrily zaps him and turns him into a rooster. Buster says, "The customer is always right!", and squawks as the cartoon ends.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Clint Eastwood, King
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Frank Welker Jules
Maurice LaMarche Dragon, Troll, The Beige Knight
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon
Rob Paulsen Arnold the Pit Bull
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig, Frog


  • In the opening wraparound, Masterhare Theater is a parody of the PBS show, Masterpiece Theater.
  • In the episode segment, And All That Rot, The shadows of the two horse-drawn carriages fly by the moon, referencing the 1982 Spielberg film, E.T. the Extra-terrestrial.
  • In the episode segment, Day for Knight, the frog's line parodies that of a villager's in the classic 1975 film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, when the villager claims that a witch turned him into a newt, but he got better.
  • The Dragon is an impersonation of actor and director Woody Allen, who also happens to play the clarinet like the dragon.
  • Buster imitates Winston Churchill and Groucho Marx.


  • In the beginning of the second Wraparound, Babs (while dresssed as Lady Chatterbox) is seen wearing her blue high heels, but when she attacks the Knight and notices Buster behind her, she is barefoot.
  • There are several voice credit mistakes in the closing credits;
    • Frank Welker is credited as Furrball instead of Jules, despite the former's absence.
    • Rob Paulsen is credited as Concord Condor instead of Arnold in a way similar to the previous one.
    • Maurice LaMarche is credited as Dizzy Devil instead of the Woody Allen Dragon, The Bridge Troll, or the Beige Knight, similar to the previous two examples.
    • Jeff Bergman is credited as Yosemite Sam, despite Sam's absence.
  • The mailbox in "And All That Rot" is depicted as a blue U.S. mailbox with an eagle logo, even though British mailboxes are usually red and cylinder-shaped.
  • The dragon's musical theme would later be used to open the second act of the very first Goodfeathers cartoon in Animaniacs.


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