Boxcars is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the New Character Day episode segment "The Return of Pluck Twacy". He was voiced by Frank Welker.


Boxcars is sa short creepy man who wears a Train conductor outfit.


After Plucky, as Pluck Twacy, finds Shirley's Aura in a big mansion, she reveals to him the gang of crooks she joined up with, one of which is Boxcars himself. After landing on a small neon train. Plucky encounters Boxcar, who is squirting oil while walking towards him. After Plucky hides in one of the boxcars, Boxcars sits down and asks, "Why did he run away like that? It makes me want to do terrible, horrible things to him!". After going into a boxcar, he sees Plucky stuck and both have a thumb-wrestle fight. Boxcars wins the first round, but Plucky isn't one to give up so easily. For the second round, Plucky sneaks his hand on top of the coach. Boxcars sneaks his hand up there as well. This time, their entire hands battle. Plucky's hand nears the end of the coach, and is holding on by a single finger, which Boxcars tries to stomp off. Just as it looks as if Boxcars is about to win round 2, Plucky uses his other hand to pull a request stop rope inside the coach. This stops the train, and sends Boxcars flying outside and into a trap.


  • Boxcars' appearance is based on Peter Lorre, whose distinctive accent and large-eyed face became a favorite parody target to Warner Bros, even going as far as getting Mel Blanc to impersonate his voice.

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