Bottomly and Fanny Buttfield, as seen in Buttering up the Buttfields.

Bottomly and Fanny Buttfield, or the Buttfields for short, are minor characters on Tiny Toon Adventures and the main antagonists of the Viewer Mail Day final segment Buttering up the Buttfields. They are overweight humans with abnormally sized butts. Bottomly is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, and Fanny is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures

The Buttfields appear in the Viewer Mail Day episode segment, Buttering up the Buttfields as the main focus. Plucky gets a job as a waiter at the Acme Acres Country Club. The manager informs him that the Buttfields are the Country Club's most important and hardest to please customers. The Buttfields order Canard A La'orange and Plucky takes their order right away. At the kitchen, Plucky is shocked to find out from chef Pete Puma that Canard a La'orange is roast duck in orange sauce. The Buttfields are outraged, but Plucky, having noticed Buster delivering some carrots to the Country Club, tells them they should have roast rabbit instead.

The Buttfields acceptingly change their mind. As Plucky puts Buster on a plate, Chef Pete puts Plucky in a pot full of orange sauce and cooks him. Buster distracts Pete and rescues Plucky, but is still angry at him for trying to cook him. Plucky tells him about the cannibalistic Buttfields, and Buster gives Plucky an idea. When the Buttfields are finally served, their dinner is the finest french delicacy - Skunkette A La Fifi. Fifi's smell scares the Buttfields away. The sight of them retreating gives the "THE END" to the episode.

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