Boss Tick in "Flea for Your Life"

Boss Tick is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures in episode "Flea For Your Life". He was voiced by Jim Cummings.

About Boss Tick

He employs The Flea Family to make fur coats for him to sell on the flea market. He announces that the Flea family will be working overtime, much to Itchy's dismay. He offers to take Itchy on a date, despite the fact that he is already in a previous engagement with Flick, one of his employees. Itchy refuses, so he threatens to bathe Furrball. Itchy has no choice but to agree, so she reluctantly does and she and her family are stuck making fur coats. Itchy teams up with her new friend Gnat and together they travel to his lair on Byron Basset. They find out the reason why he works Itchy's family overtime is because he is after their fortune. Itchy tries to stop him but she is captured and forced to marry him. Flick, upset that Itchy is in her way of her engagement to him, threatens to exterminate her. Boss Tick imprisons Itchy in one of the spikes on Byron's collar, where Gnat, having heard Flick's plan, rushes to tell Itchy everything and sends the rest of the flea family to help. The next morning, Flit and Flick activate a flea spray cannon, turning against Boss Tick. Gnat snatches the key from Boss Tick's pocket, rescues Itchy and returns her to Furrball. Shortly afterwards, Elmyra finds Byron itching and bathes him.


  • Boss Tick bears a close resemblance to The Grand Duke of Owls in the 1991 Don Bluth film, Rock-a-doodle.

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