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Species: ............. Anthropomorphic ............................Worm

Skin Color: ..........Green
Eye Color: ...........Black

First Appearance: The Looney Beginning .............................(background cameo) ............................ First Appearance Not As ............................ A Cameo: The Wacko .............................World Of Sports

Bookworm is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears occasionally on the show.


Bookworm is a green male worm, who wears large, oval-shaped, black rimmed glasses and has a few black hairs on his head. He attends Acme Looniversity and lives in Acme Acres. Bookworm is based on the bookworm companion of Sniffles from the Merry Melodies series.

Bookworm is the smallest of the regular Tiny Toons and is sometimes depicted in various different sizes (ranging from extremely small to about half of Sweetie's size). In the New Character Day episode segment, The Roches, Bookworm joins the other insects in Hamton's house (the worst house for the insects to be in as Hamton is obsessed with cleanliness) and he is shown smaller than a family of fleas among other tiny insects. In the Looniversity Daze episode segment, Eating Between the Lines, Bookworm's size changes drastically in a few scenes (e.g. when Sweetie lifts him up to her mouth and is about to eat him, the bell rings and he is now much smaller as Sweetie sets him down). Most of the time, however, he is shown to be about half of Sweetie's and Sneezer's size (though, ironically, their sizes change up occasionally to usually fit a situation).

Bookworm does not speak, but does occasionally gulp, cry (such as watching a documentary on the downfall of Bosko and Honey with Babs), make chewing sounds and other similar noises (provided by Frank Welker). In the Wacko World of Sports episode segment, Tennis The Menace, he opens his mouth and actual letters that form words come out of it after reading and eating the book, Tennis Tips, before playing against a cheating Montana Max. "Play Ball," at the beginning of the match, and "Game, Set, Match," when Monty beats him by ricocheting the tennis ball off the wall into him and sends him into the scoreboard.


This cute little worm crawls around Acme Acres, reading his books and trying to avoid becoming Sweetie's dinner. Bookworm works at the Acme Looniversity library and can often be found there going through the shelves. He is extremely well-read; one can always find him reading a book and then swallowing it up when he's through. Books are his primary source of nourishment. He is also proficient on the computer.

Bookworm is often chased by Sweetie, but usually outsmarts her or luckily gets away, sometimes using books against her. In the short, Eating Between the Lines, from the episode, Looniversity Days, Sweetie chases Bookworm throughout many famous books and stories that come to life in the Looniversity library. In a wraparound of the episode, Career Oppor-Toon-ities, Bookworm is shown working part-time at the Acme Mall Bookstore as well as thwarting Sweetie's attacks on him.

In a few episodes, Bookworm is shown to be helpful to Buster and Babs (usually by searching for info on the computer for whatever it is that the bunnies are in need of at the moment). In the episode, Fields of Honey, he helps Babs in her search for Honey (an old classic Warner Bros. star and possible mentor for Babs). In the Pollution Solution episode segment, Jungle Bungle, he helps Buster and Babs figure out what is causing a heat wave in Acme Acres (which turns out to be global warming due to the destruction of the Acme Rainforest). According to Buster and Babs in the intro to Eating Between the Lines, Bookworm is "the smartest kid in school."

In the Spring in Acme Acres episode segment, Love Among The Toons, Cupid, who is tired of his job and wants a break, gives his job temporarily to Concord Condor. Of course, Concord mismatches the couples, including setting Bookworm up with an elephant! Luckily, Cupid gets back in time before Concord can shoot the love arrows at them.


Season 1

Season 3

  • Episode 80: New Class Day -- Prologue to the episode segment: Sound Off (Cameo: Face not shown)
  • Episode 85: Toons Take Over -- (Cameo: A still image is shown)

Appearances in Video Games

  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break for Game Boy: He is the slowest character in the race bonus round.
  • Buster's Hidden Treasure for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: He is the guide for the password menu.
  • Buster Busts Loose for SNES: He appears in a cutscene alongside Babs Bunny as the host of the football level.
  • Dizzy's Candy Quest for Game Boy Color: He is Dizzy Devil's sidekick. He can activate switches, but is shy and will hide if any clones are in sight.
  • Bookworm's other appearances in the Tiny Toon Adventures video games are mostly cameo appearances.


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