BigButt is a one-time character appearing in the K-Acme TV episode segment, The Search for Bigbutt. He does not speak.


BigButt is a large beast with blue fur and one tooth sticking out of his bottom jaw. He also has a huge butt (hence his name).


Bigbutt is first encountered by a prospector who resembles Yosemite Sam (and while no evidence is proven, he could possibly be his father or grandfather), when he is searching for gold in the rivers as a kid in 1909, when he suddenly hears a loud sound behind him, and turns around to see BigButt and runs off. The next day, he finds the giant hole where he encountered BigButt. Ever since that day, there have been sightings of him in Northwestern Oregon.


  • BigButt is a parody of Big Foot, the legendary half-man/half ape being.
  • BigButt is one of the few animals that Elmyra doesn't think is cute and cuddly.

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