Biff Blasday (right) with Dizzy (left) and Plucky (middle)

Biff Blasday is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the Spring in Acme Acres episode segment, That's Incredibly Stupid. He is voiced by Charlie Adler.


Biff is shown to be a large human with brown hair, who wears a white cowboy hat, a red and blue striped shirt with a black vest, and steel-toed boots.


Biff appears as the host of That's Incredibly Stupid; a game show where people will do stupid and dangerous stuff to win money, and introduces Plucky and Dizzy as the contestants for the show. In the first event, Biff tells Plucky and Dizzy that they must last at least 5 minutes in a demolition derby with nothing but a helmet, roller skates, and an inner tube on them, in which Plucky pretends to be sick and sends Dizzy Devil in his place. After Dizzy wins the first event by destroying the monster trucks, Biff tells them they won $1,000, but then tells them they could win $5,000 instead for the next event; finding a needle in a barn full of haystacks. As it turns out, the haystacks are filled with boxes of fireworks underneath them, Plucky pretends to be sick again, sending Dizzy in his place just like before. After Dizzy causes the boxes of fireworks to explode and Plucky finds the needle in Dizzy's butt, Biff gives them the $5,000, but then offers them the grand prize of $100,000. Dizzy refuses to play anymore and Plucky asks what the next event is. Biff tells him that the only way to win the $100,000 is to judge a beauty contest. Plucky, who thinks this event will be easier than the first two, gladly becomes the judge. As it turns out, the Beauty Contest isn't just a Beauty Contest, but a Beauty Martial Arts Contest, with four muscular contestants, who injure Plucky during the demonstration. Biff tells Plucky that he must choose a winner in order to win the $100,000, but Plucky has trouble deciding on the winner. As the event ends, Biff tells Plucky that his time's up and he lost the $100,000, but he gives Dizzy a consolation prize; Plucky's Judge Badge.

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