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Tiny Toon Adventures
Best of Buster Day
Season 3, Episode 97
Buster Bunny is busted by Bugs Bunny
Air date 23 November 1992
Written by Charlie Adler, Garin Wolf, Paul Dini
Directed by Rich Arons
Gag credit Hey! We won an Emmy! - But not for this episode.
End tag Buster: "And that's a wrap!"
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Best of Buster Day is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, the 75th in production, and the 97th episode overall.


Buster is in the principal's office of Acme Looniversity. Bugs Bunny is not happy with Buster's deeds, especially what happened with Vice Principal Yosemite Sam. He demands Buster an explanation of what his situation is about. Buster tells Bugs that the first cartoon will best explain it.

In the second act, Buster tells Bugs that he was only acting in the school's best interests. Bugs puts Buster in a snowsuit and Buster asks what it's for. Bugs tells him, "The snow job you've been laying on me." He tells Buster he only acts in his own interests, and Buster wants to prove to Bugs that it is not always true. He tells Bugs about the time he helped out Grovely.

Bugs tells Buster that he better start shaping up, and the final cartoon had better be the best one ever, or Buster will be thrown out of the school.


Compromising Principals

Babs Bunny tells Buster, who is struggling to get his locker door open, that he should hurry or they will be late for class. Buster opens his locker door and various garbage from the locker falls on him. Plucky arrives, wearing a gas mask, and tells Buster he will never win the Student of the Day contest with a messy locker. Buster asks Plucky what the Student of the Day contest is, and Plucky is about to tell him, but Babs interrupts. She tells Buster that the best-behaved student will win free Weenie Burgers for the rest of their life. Plucky is excited and eager to win the contest. The bell rings, and all the students rush to class, except Buster, who is still cleaning out his locker. Yosemite Sam arrives and tells Buster to get to class.

At Vice Principal Yosemite Sam's office, Miss Conduct is interviewing Sam and considering him for a new job as Vice Principal at Miss Conduct's Advanced School of Immaculate Manners, Tact Tech. Sam assures her that his students are the most studious, well-behaved group of young-uns in the district. Buster, who spies on Sam from the basement vent, is worried that if they're on their best behavior, Sam will earn his promotion. Babs is worried that if he does succeed in getting his promotion, he will be replaced with someone competent, which means Buster, Babs, and Plucky won't be able to get away with anything. Plucky asks what they should do, and Buster has an idea.

As Sam begins his tour with Miss Conduct, Buster and his friends are at Economics 101. When Sam takes a look inside the classroom, Buster is teaching the class about the rise of anvil sales and the falls of the anvils themselves. Sam lets Miss Conduct take a look inside, but she sees Buster and his friends, plus Monty and Elmyra, gambling in a casino. As Miss conduct leaves, Sam asks her what she thinks of Economics 101. Miss Conduct is not amused, and gives him the first of his three strikes. As Yosemite Sam takes a second look, Buster is teaching the class about the economic impact of slippage in the banana peel department.

Sam leads Miss Conduct to the cafeteria, telling her that it's the most immaculate of dining facilities. Miss Conduct doesn't believe him, so Sam decides to take a quick look inside first. Inside the cafeteria is Buster Bunny, dressed as a Maitre D', with the cafeteria looking like a fancy restaurant. Sam lets Miss Conduct in, but when Miss Conduct takes a look inside, the cafeteria is sloppy, and Buster is dressed as a cook, who is very rude, calls her "Grandma", and serves her a rather green roast beef before she officially decides what she wants to eat. Miss Conduct runs out of the cafeteria, where outside, Yosemite Sam is awaiting her opinion. Miss Conduct gives Sam his second strike, and hits him with her notepad. When Sam takes a second look, the cafeteria looks once again like a fancy restaurant, with Buster dressed as a Maitre D'.

Sam has one final chance to earn his promotion, so he decides to take a look in Science 101. Inside the class, Buster, dressed as Albert Einstein, is telling the class that the object of science is to understand the universe and other large things. Sam lets Miss Conduct take a look inside, and Buster, still dressed as Einstein, welcomes Miss Conduct into the class. Outside the class, Sam is praying for things not to go wrong for once. Buster tells Miss Conduct that today the class is studying the anatomy of lower life forms, starting with the feet. Plucky removes Miss Conduct's shoes, and Miss Conduct faints. Now with Miss Conduct strapped to a metal table in front of an audience, Buster decides to test the reflexes of the southernmost nerve endings. Barky Marky licks Miss Conduct's bare feet, tickling her. Miss Conduct tells Buster that he and the other students are driving her out of his mind. Buster tells her he has a remedy for such ailments, and decides to exchange her mind with a mind of equal stature. He puts a mind-switching helmet on her, and the other helmet on a potato. Buster turns on the machine, and Miss Conduct's mind is transferred into the potato's body. The potato escapes and bounces out the door, telling Yosemite Sam she's never been so insulted in her whole life. Yosemite Sam laughs at the sight of a talking potato, and the potato kicks him in the shin. Miss Conduct tells Sam that he can forget about his promotion and leaves. Buster arrives and apologizes to Sam for not getting his promotion. He then asks Sam about the Student of the Day Award, and Sam decides that he will make Buster student of the day: Rabbit Stew-dent of the day! He chases Buster across the halls with a pot and spoon.

Maid to Re-order

Montana Max is being very rude to Grovely, and decides to fire him. Buster and Babs walk by Monty's mansion, and Buster asks Grovely what happened. Before Grovely can speak, Monty kicks his family out of the mansion as well. Buster feels sorry for Grovely, but Grovely tells him that he and his family will manage things on their own, just as they always have. Grovely's wife bursts into tears, as now Grovely's family has no home. Babs whispers, "Isn't this your cue to be noble?" to Buster, who is being showered by Mrs. Grovely's tears. Buster decides to let Grovely and his family stay with him in his burrow until they find a new job. Grovely is very grateful.

Grovely is peeking out Buster's burrow, looking through the want ads in the newspaper. Inside Buster's burrow, his wife and kids are eating carrots. Buster, who, having put up with the family for three weeks, asks Mrs. Grovely how she's doing. Grovely's family is used to the high-class accommodations of Monty's Mansion. Buster then asks Grovely if the job hunt is any more successful today. Unfortunately for them, it's not. Monty's ad is still in the paper, as he hasn't found a new butler and maid yet. Buster suddenly has an idea.

Inside Monty's Mansion, Monty is trying to cut the crusts off his sandwich with a butcher knife. The doorbell rings, and he calls for Grovely to answer it, only to realize a second later that he fired him. Monty answers the door, and Buster and Babs are at it, dressed like a British butler and maid, respectively. Buster and Babs tell Monty that they're interested in the Butler and Maid job opening. Monty is about to eat his sandwich, but Babs snatches if from him and tells him that eating it himself will be much too strenuous for him. She and Buster tell him they'll eat it for him. In fact, they'll eat all his food for him. They eat all the food in Monty's fridge and are now very fat. Monty is outraged and kicks them out of his mansion.

Monty is about to eat his sandwich again when the doorbell rings. Buster and Babs are at the door again, this time dressed as a Swedish butler and maid, respectively. Again, they tell Monty they're interested in the Butler and Maid job opening. Buster puts a dust bunny on the table, and Babs decides to get to work scrubbing the floors. Monty asks them how much they want, and they tell him, "next to nothing." Monty tells them they will work for nothing, and they agree. Just then, Babs sobs, pretending to be homesick. Buster decides to take care of that problem, and turns Monty's den into a Swedish farm. Monty is upset, as he wants Grovely back. Grovely returns, and Monty tells him he is hired again, this time with pay. Grovely tells him that he's not coming back, as he is now employed by Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbunny, who are none other than Buster and Babs in disguise. Buster and Babs tells him that Grovely is now being paid the biggest salary of his life. Monty gives Grovely his entire mansion and everything in it. Now, Grovely has a day off, with him and his wife relaxing by the pool, his children playing in the pool, and Monty as his butler for a change. Monty says, "Eh, it's a living."

Class Without Class

Bugs tells Buster that he is a rabbit and Dizzy Devil is a Tasmanian devil, and that they are natural enemies. He assigns Buster to do an abusive humiliation number on Dizzy Devil. Buster tells Bugs that "Beat up the Predator" gags are passe, and Dizzy is his friend, but Bugs tells him that if he doesn't, he won't pass his class. Taz then tells Dizzy that he is a Tasmanian devil, Buster is a rabbit, and Dizzy is supposed to chase and eat him. Dizzy tells Taz that Buster is his friend, but Taz tells Dizzy that Tasmanian devils eat anything, and that he should eat Buster.

Outside Acme Looniversity, Buster tells Dizzy they might as well get the assignment over with. Buster whacks Dizzy with a hammer, then asks if he's okay. Fortunately, Dizzy is all right, and Buster runs off, with Dizzy chasing him. Buster hides behind a tree and tells the viewers that as much as he hates the assignment, he has no other option. He pulls out a female Tasmanian devil costume from the tree, and puts it on. He then tells the viewers not to try it at home, as their parents might wonder about them. Buster imitates a female Tasmanian devil and pretends to fall in love with Dizzy. He asks Dizzy if he want to dance with him, and they dance together, bumping into trees. The Adults Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson shows up to tell them that she has been monitoring violence, and while she rants, Buster pulls a lever that drops a safe on her. Buster continues to woo Dizzy, only to expose himself in his disguise. He kisses Dizzy, who has just found out, and Dizzy chases Buster. Dizzy then beats up the female Tasmanian devil costume, and Buster shows up, dressed as a policeman. Buster tells Dizzy he killed the female Tasmanian devil after all she's done for him. Dizzy is now upset, and feels he doesn't deserve to live. Buster arrives, dressed as a priest, and sends Dizzy to the electric chair. Dizzy sadly says good-bye to the forest creatures, and straps himself into the electric chair. Buster puts on a black mask and black gloves and is about to pull the lever, but a nearby phone rings. Buster answers the phone, as the call is from the Governor, who wants to speak to Dizzy Devil. Dizzy thinks he is saved, but Buster tells the Governor Dizzy's all tied up. Buster hands up the phone, and tries to pull the lever again, but then he realizes he can't kill off one of his friends, even if they were meant to be enemies. dizzy is relieved, but Buster changes his mind. Buster pulls the lever and Dizzy gets electrocuted. Buster says, "What a maroon!" and touches the electric chair, also getting electrocuted by it. Buster and Dizzy both agree they hate the assignment, and Buster whispers to Dizzy. They both put sticks of dynamite around the electric chair and light the fuses. The dynamite explodes and Bugs and Taz thinks that the dynamite killed them. They feel guilty and cry until Buster and dizzy show up in a circle on the side of the screen, telling the viewers they sure showed Bugs and Taz because that was a totally lame assignment. When Bugs and Taz find out, they snatch them from the screen. At first, Bugs is angry with Buster, but in reality, Bugs is proud of Buster.


  • "Compromising Prinicipals" and "Maid to Re-Order" were co-written by Charlie Adler, Buster's original voice actor.
  • In "Maid to Re-order", Grovely looks different from the rest of his appearances in the show. He is much older, with grey hair and a mustache. He is also slightly kinder, and has a previously unheard of wife and two kids, one boy, one girl. This version of Grovely appears to be based on Monty's one-time butler, Jeeves, from the "Life in the 90s" segment "Paper Trained", having Jeeves' appearance and Grovely's personality and voice.
  • In the very start of "Compromising Principals", Calamity is without his pink sneakers.
  • Babs and Buster's Vanderbunny disguises are different than their previous ones. They resemble their rich person personas in the "The Acme Acres Zone" segment "A Walk on the Flip Side", however, they still use the same voices that were used for the previous appearances of the Vanderbunnys.
  • On the Tiny Toon Adventures Volume 4: Looney Links DVD, the wraparound scene to "Maid to Re-Order" is missing. It is intact in the Hulu version.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny/Grovely
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny/Ms. Conduct, Mrs. Grovely, Grovely's Daughter, Adults Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck/Yosemite Sam
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil
Greg Burson Bugs Bunny/Taz
John Kassir - Buster Bunny (Additional lines)


  • Yosemite Sam: "Well, whaddya know? A talkin' tater." (laughs)
Miss Conduct: "I've been tormented, tackled, terrfied, and totally ticked off by your tacltess, tasteless and twisted university! You can kiss that job at Tact Tech ta-ta!"
[repeated line]: "I don't take tap water! Have you no Avion?"
Monty's doorbell: "Mon-teeeeee..."
Monty: "Grovely?! Oh, yeah. I forgot."
  • Buster (dressed as a female Tasmanian devil): "Kids, don't try this at home. Your parents might wonder about ya."


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