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[[Category:Season 1 Episodes with Episode Segments]]
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Best O' Plucky Duck Day is the 43rd episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. It was written by Beth Bornstein, Paul Dini, Eddie Fitgerald, Tom Minton, and Tom Reugger, and directed by Rich Arons.


Buster appears in the intro, telling the viewers that today the show is presenting "three hysterical duck tales", to which a frustrated Plucky remarks, "Don't use that word!", prompting Buster to reword that line. After saying, "Three hysterical duck cartoons," Plucky, as egotistical as ever, is excited that he is the star of the episode. Buster then informs the viewers that he had to give Plucky his own episode; it was in his contract. Just before the first episode segment, a sign that says The BEST o' Plucky Duck falls on Plucky, revealing the BEST was covering WORST.

Episode Segments

  • One Minute Til' Three - It's Friday and Plucky is anxious to leave school and go home for the weekend. Plucky hopes and prays that the clock will make it to 3:00 in what he describes as the longest 60 seconds in animation, as Granny is asking her students hard questions about computer animation. Every student who gave a wrong answer was assigned an [insert number here] thousand page term paper on "The History of Four-dimensional animation". Plucky doesn't want to be called on and give a wrong answer so Granny can give him a thousand page term paper for not paying attention.
  • Sticky Feathers Duck - Plucky has spent his last quarter at the arcade with Hamton and Shirley. On their way home, Hamton tells him he's hungry. Plucky spots an Acme Super-Duper Munch & Crunch bar (with almonds) at Acme Buy N' Buy, but Shirley reminds him they are out of money. Plucky suggests taking the candy bar while the manager isn't looking, but Hamton reminds him, "but that's stealing!" Shirley leaves, as she wants nothing to do with stealing, so Plucky decides Hamton's all the help he needs. Rémi Bughari, the store's manager asks if there is anything they can help them purchase, and Plucky tells him, "No, my good man, we're just looking." As Hamton takes the candy bar, "WELCOME TO A LIFE OF CRIME" flashes before his eyes. Plucky hides the candy bar in Hamton's overalls and they sneak out of the store. Having finally managed to pull of the heist, they fight over who is the first to eat the candy bar. The candy bar turns into a monster begging them to eat him, and telling them what they'll steal in the future. Plucky and Hamton return the candy bar to the store, confessing to Mr. Bughari that they stole a candy bar and promise never to steal again. Although Mr. Bughari congratulates them for their honesty, he also tells them that if they ever come back, he will call the police.
  • Duck in the Dark - Plucky spends a sleepover at Buster's burrow, watching scary movies. Buster, unable to go to sleep, tells Plucky that watching too many scary movies will give him nightmares, but Plucky doesn't believe him until he tries to go to sleep. Throughout the cartoon, Plucky has monster movie nightmares. Buster wakes Plucky up, reminding Plucky that the movies gave him bad dreams. Plucky, remembering that he still has 12 hours left to return the videotapes, tells Buster they can watch them all over again. Frustrated, Buster kicks Plucky and his videotapes out of his burrow.


Vocie Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Eddie Cougar
Tress MacNeille A Screaming Woman
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
June Foray Granny
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon
Rob Paulsen Rémi Bughari, The Candy Bar Monster


  • Buster: "Welcome, toonatics! Today we're presenting three hysterical duck tales."

Plucky: "Don't use that word!"

Buster: "Uh, three duck stories... uh, duck cartoons! That's right, that's right. Three hysterical duck cartoons."

  • Granny: "Now, Elmyra, can you tell me how to use trigonometry when animating a dog and cat fight?"

Elmyra: "First you animate the animals, paying attention to the soft furry coats on each one, and then you put in the cuddly parts, so you'll want to squeeze them and love them and hug them forever! Oh, and you also use trigonometry."

Granny: "That's very sweet... AND VERY WRONG! 12,000 page term paper, due monday!"

  • Plucky: "I hate you, you time piece from Hades!"
  • Plucky: "Were you going to eat that all by yourself?"


  • Plucky: "Nightmares? Moi? Come on, Buster, only a total idiot would be scared of these movies."

Buster: "I rest my case."

Gag Credit

Moral of the story

Plucky's a Jerk


  • In the intro, Buster says "Today we're presenting three hysterical duck tales", to which Plucky remarks, "Don't use that word!", prompting Buster to reword that line. Duck Tales is a Disney afternoon cartoon series from 1987 that TMS worked on.
  • In the episode segment, Duck in the Dark, Eddie Cougar is a parody of Freddy Kreugger, the main antagonist of the 1984 horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • In the episode segment, Duck in the Dark, One of Plucky's nightmares references the 1975 Speilberg film, Jaws.


  • The candy bar monster from the episode segment, Sticky Feathers Duck first appears in The Looney Beginning as one of the villains who escapes from the villains box.


Home Video Releases

  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Fiendishly Funny Adventures VHS (Episode segment, Duck in the Dark only)
  • Tiny Toon Adventures Season 1, Vol. 2 DVD
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