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Barky Marky

Species:............... Anthropomorphic Dog

Fur Color: .............Brown
Eye Color: ............Black

First Appearance: The Looney Beginning .............................(background cameo) .............................First Appearance Not As A .............................Cameo: The Wide World .............................Of Elmyra

Voiced by: ...........Frank Welker
Barky Marky is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears occasionally on the show, mostly as cameos. Barky Marky is voiced by Frank Welker.


Barky is a young, brown and tan male dog. He attends Acme Looniversity and lives in Acme Acres. Barky Marky is based on the Looney Tunes character, Marc Anthony.


Barky Marky loves to play fetch as well as various other sports and activities. He has a nice disposition and is usually seen with his tongue hanging from his mouth.

In Go Fetch, Barky Marky is playing with his ball and Hamton comes along and throws it for him to fetch. When Hamton can not play any longer, Barky has no one else to play with and looks sad, but Elmyra Duff sees him from her window with a pair of binoculars and comes right out to play. After hugging and squeezing Barky, she decides to throw the ball for him so he can fetch it. Barky is very excited to play, until he finds out in very painful ways that every throw Elmyra makes lands him in a bad predicament. At the end of the episode, he has had enough and chases after Elmyra with a tennis ball machine (which had malfunctioned and attacked him moments earlier when he was trying to retrieve the ball).

He plays football with Buster and the gang in the episode, The Acme Bowl, beating a cheating Perfecto Prep team. In other episodes, he is usually seen at Acme Looniversity or anywhere else the other Tiny Toons are at the time.

Mocked for Lack of Appearances

Besides having his very own short, entitled Go Fetch, from the episode, The Wide World of Elmyra, and getting several scenes with the other Tiny Toon cast in the special, Tiny Toon Adventures: Spring Break Special, and the direct-to-video movie, Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, Barky mainly makes his appearances in cameos; because of this, he is referenced and mocked on the Season 3 episode, Weekday Afternoon Live, a spoof of Saturday Night Live. When Buster Bunny is reading the news out loud from the viewers complaining about him not being in enough scripts, Babs Bunny, posing as a Tiny Toons casting director, asks, "Who's Barky Marky?"


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • Episode 80: New Class Day -- Prologue to the episode segment: Sound-Off (Cameo from behind)
  • Episode 92: Music Day -- Episode segment: The Horn Blows at Lunchtime (Cameo)
  • Episode 95: Weekday Afternoon Live -- (Cameo: Two still images are shown)
  • Episode 97: Best of Buster Day -- Episode segment: Compromising Principals (Cameo)



Video Games

  • Buster Busts Loose for SNES: Barky Marky appears in the western level. For some reason, he is depicted as an enemy in the game, whereas on the show, he is depicted as one of the good guys.


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