Barbara Walters (left) interviewing Barbara Bush (right)

Barbara Walters is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. She appears in the episode, Washingtoon. She is voiced by Louise DuArt


Barbara is shown to be a woman with short blonde hair, who wears a puffy white shirt, a red skirt, and black high-heels.


After arriving to Camp David, thanks to Dan Quayle , Buster and Babs find President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara Bush, relaxing. They see that Mrs. Bush is being interviewed by Barbara Walters. In her one-time appearance, when Ms. Walters asks Mrs. Bush when she's going to see her husband again, Mrs. Bush tells her her and George's special relationship. Just then, Babs burrows and buries Ms. Walters, and takes her place by disguising herself as Ms. Walters. It is unknown what happened to her afterwards.


  • Louise DuArt's voicing of Barbara Walters is due to the fact that Barbara Walters' voice, as with many of other voices, are some of her most notable impressions.

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