Baby Buster

Baby Buster (and Buster)'s first design

Baby Buster was the First Design of Buster Bunny, who appears in the episode The Looney Beginning.


Baby Buster took the appearance of a stereotypical baby rabbit with big eyes.

In PlayTime Toons, Baby Buster is now colored blue, and has a diaper.


When The Animator needed a idea for a new character for a show before his boss fired him, he came up with the idea of a rabbit. (thanks to a unknown voice that was really Bugs) His first was a cute baby bunny that would go to your house and be with you forever and will "Hippity Hop" into your heart. But was rejected due to the fact that he's so sickeningly sweet that he'll give the audiences cavities.

When Buster, Babs and Plucky give Hamton their old toys to replace the toys that they bought, the kids have flashbacks to when they was young. When the toy airplane falls apart, Buster remembers it was the exact same toy airplane that broke when he was a baby.


  • Baby Buster is voiced by Kath Soucie, who would later voiced Fifi La Fume and Li'l Sneezer in the series.
    • Interestingly, Baby Buster sounds like Li'l Sneezer. It's possible that the Animator used the Baby Buster design for Li'l Sneezer.
  • The character was possibly referenced in Music Day when Buster dresses as a baby to get revenge on the singer.


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