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Babs Bunawalskioversmith is Babs Bunny's human disguise that she used to join the cast of Thirteensomething in the episode of the same name.


In her disguise; Babs Bunawalskioversmith has red hair, and wears a blue shirt with a pink skirt and purple high-heels. She also wears a white hat and wears pink lip-stick.


After arriving to New York. Babs finds the studio and goes to audition for a role on Thirteensomething (after being dared to join the show by Buster). However, since the show only allows humans, Babs takes on the disguise of a human and walks into the audition. When being asked her name, Babs changes it from Bunny to "Bunawalskioversmith". At first, it seems like she isn't going to get the job, but she does, according to the show. After being on the show for a month and becoming a worldwide sensation on Thirteensomething, Babs begins to miss her life on Tiny Toon Adventures and occasionally pitches her own toony ideas to the show, which the director doesn't want. After the show is filmed and everybody leaves, Babs decides to call Buster and tell him that her contract with the show is almost up and she will be leaving. However, the studio has other ideas and decides to extend the contract for five more years, much to Babs' surprise. Later, during a taping, Buster appears (as Babs' character's twin brother). After a heartful reunion, Babs reveals herself to be a toon instead of a human.


  • Babs (as Bunawalskioversmith) breaks the fourth wall and asks how ladies could walk in high-heels, suggesting she can barely walk in them. However in the "Love Disconnection" episode segment "The Amazing Three", which aired earlier, Babs walks perfectly when she wears high heels.
  • Babs was asked twice by humans to consider a facial wax because of the fact that, as a rabbit, she has fur on her face.

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