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Babs' sense of humour

Babs' Sense Of Humor is the incarnation of Babs Bunny's sense of humor. She appears in the Acme Acres Zone episode segment, Senserely Yours, Babs.


The Sense Of Humor looks almost identical to the original Babs, but with a few differences, including the following:

  • The Sense Of Humor has red eyes, as opposed to the original Babs' blue ones
  • She is entirely pink and wears no clothes
  • Her ears are longer and less pointed
  • Her tail isn't a cottonball


When Babs wants to be twice as funny, she asks Calamity Coyote to invent a machine that will help her with her desire. However, instead of making her more funny, it causes both her and sense of humor to separate from each other, causing the real Babs to turn into a nerd. Also it turns out that if the sense of humor is not back before sunset, the real Babs would be a nerd forever.

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