Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor

Babs Prehistoric Ancestor

Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor is a one-time character and the ancestor of Babs Bunny. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor is shown to resemble her descendants but shown to be huge, with one big unibrow,big teeth, and wearing a yellow bra and purple skirt. and wears two bones on each of her ears.


She first appeared cuting a giant carrot while Buster's Ancestor dragging a large carrot and Hamton Acestors was doing laundry. When SuddenlyPlucky (thanks to Montana Max's prehistoric ancestor whacking him for being on his property) appeared and her and the other bow to him and Plucky was named the new leader of the group. When Plucky first tried to name the land Pluckyland, she and the other prehistoric citizens hated the idea, but when he mistakenly named it Acme Acres. she and the others loved the idea. Later she was seen playing music while Buster's ancestors was filing Plucky's fingers. When Suddnely Monty's Ancestor tries to keep Acme Acres for himself. He orders Dizzy Devil's prehistoric ancestor, a dinosaur, to eat Plucky. When Buster and Babs arrive, Plucky snatches the time machine from them, taking Dizzy's Prehistoric Ancestor with him. Monty's prehistoric ancestor destroys Acme. Later Buster and Babs encountered their Ancestors and told them that Plucky was a fraud and vow to get their revenge on Plucky if he ever returns to the past. That night , Buster and Babs tell their prehistoric ancestors about the 1990's. Their prehistoric ancestors tell them that Monty's Prehistoric Ancestor has taken over and they don't have a leader now to stop him. Buster and Babs tell them their plan. The next morning, after seeing Buster and Babs' prehisoric ancestors take over Monty cave and trashed it, he aggred to fixed Acme Aces. After Plucky returns, she and the other ancestors, toss their fruit and vegetables at him for being a lousy leader.

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