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Tiny Toon Adventures
Ask Mr. Popular
Season 1, Episode 46
Buster as "Mr. Popular"
Air date 5 December 1990
Written by Paul Dini, Therese Naugle
Directed by Rich Arons
Gag credit Brooklyn Dodger Fan - Mike Fontanelli
End tag Buster: "And that's a wrap!"
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Ask Mr. Popular is the 46th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Dapper Diz

Babs Bunny introduces Mr. Popular, who is none other than Buster Bunny in an overcoat and sunglasses. Today, Buster is taking questions. He first picks Elmyra, who chases after him, until Arnold, who is working as a security guard, evicts her from the studio. Buster then picks Mary Melody, who asks him if he has a friend who isn't popular, and if so, should he try to change him? Buster decides to answer Mary's question, by showing her his friend Dizzy Devil, whose life was a mess before his friends helped him.

In Dizzy's cave, Dizzy is throwing a party, playing an axe guitar and devouring pizza rolls. Hamton, who is one of the party guests, questions why he and Plucky are in Dizzy's cave. Plucky tells him, "Hey, it was either this, or another night at the Disney Channel!" Dizzy is happy that Plucky and Hamton went to his party. Plucky is nervous about being around a hungry predator like Dizzy, but Dizzy tells him he would never eat his friends, and that he has plenty of pizza rolls left. After Dizzy eats the refreshments at his party, Plucky asks him if he really enjoys his current lifestyle. Dizzy tells Plucky that he is happy with his current lifestyle, and that he even wrote a song about it. After he sings his song, he shows Plucky and Hamton pictures of the various young human ladies who find him cute. Plucky complains about how Dizzy's living in a dream world, and Hamton doubts that even Mr. Popular can help him. Buster, dressed as Mr. Popular, arrives, and decides to help Plucky and Hamton out. Buster tricks Dizzy into following a trail of Pizza rolls, leading all the way to a personality machine in the Acme Looniversity laboratory. When Dizzy is inside the machine, Buster pulls the lever and puts the personality trait transference helmet on his head, to demonstrate how he and his friends can transfer their best personality traits to Dizzy. They combine Buster's confidence and charm, Plucky's modesty and humility, and Hamton's cleanliness. When the personality change is complete, Dizzy emerges from the machine as a well-mannered devil in a tuxedo, who can now speak normally.

In the second act, Buster tells Plucky and Hamton that they have just created the world's coolest dude. Plucky and Hamton are impressed with Dizzy's new personality, but they ask Buster if they've done the right thing. Buster assures them to trust him.

During lunchtime, Dizzy asks if he can join Shirley and Furrball. They nod "yes", and Dizzy puts on an anti-germ suit to clean their table. After he cleans their table, he finds that they have left, and while he wonders why, he decides to have lunch alone.

At Taz's class, Taz is not impressed with Dizzy's new personality, and tells him that he is supposed to go through the dummies, not around them. He demonstrates by spinning through the dummies he has set up, but Dizzy is appalled and decides he would rather take up violin lessons. Taz kicks Dizzy out, and Dizzy lands in the sidewalk, where Plucky and Hamton have caught up with him. Hamton asks Plucky if their changing Dizzy's personality was the right thing to do, but Plucky assures him that Dizzy's new personality is much better than his old one, and he asks Hamton to name one positive thing that came out of Dizzy's old personality. Dizzy's friends, Mitzi, Taffy, and Jessie come along and ask Plucky and Hamton where Dizzy is, as they are going to have a picnic with him. Plucky and Hamton are put in a trance over their beauty, and can't answer them. Dizzy arrives, and tells the ladies they look marvelous. The ladies don't recognize the new Dizzy, and ask him where he is. He tries to tell them that he is standing right before them, but they don't believe him. As they leave, Dizzy is upset with his new life, as he lost his friends, his teacher, and his girl. He turns to Plucky and Hamton and tells them he wants his old personality back. Hamton asks what Mr. Popular would have to say about it. Buster, as Mr. Popular, arrives in a rocket. Dizzy turns to Buster and Buster tells him he's there for him. He tells Dizzy that his old personality is still inside him, he just needs to let it out again. Dizzy is upset, because he forgot what his old personality was like. Hamton remembers, and brings a front loader full of food. He, Plucky, and Buster each take turns singing Dizzy's song, and Buster plays Dizzy's axe guitar. He plugs it into Dizzy's head, and it restores Dizzy back to his former personality. Dizzy is happy that he got his old personality back, and hugs his friends.

Buster tells Mary that by changing his personality, Dizzy's friends were actually doing a good thing. Mary doesn't believe Buster, as Dizzy was miserable the whole time. She asks Buster why he thinks it's a good thing, and he tells her that during the time Dizzy's girls walked out on him, they invited him to the picnic instead. Dizzy is angry over what he just saw, and chases after Buster. Buster then pauses to tell the viewers that he will return after the commercial break. That is, if Dizzy doesn't eat him!

A Pigment of His Imagination

Buster picks Hamton for the next question. Hamton nervously tells Buster that he has a friend (he is really referring to himself) who has trouble making other friends. What should his friend (he) do? Buster tells Hamton that he could try buying friends (like Montana Max), chasing them (like Fifi La Fume), or snaring them (like Elmyra). Hamton asks Buster if those methods really work, and Buster (dressed as Groucho Marx) tells him, "No, but in your friend's case, it couldn't hurt."

Hamton goes to the park, where he finds his friends, Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck getting ready to choose the team members for their game of soccer. Hamton is excited to play, because he loves soccer. Plucky chooses Little Beeper, Furrball, and Calamity on his team, and Babs chooses Shirley and Fifi on hers. The only two left to choose from are Hamton and Sweetie. Hamton thinks he is about to be chosen, but Babs chooses Sweetie instead. Hamton is outraged, as is Plucky, as he wants Sweetie on his team as well. Babs and Plucky argue over Sweetie, and Plucky reluctantly chooses Hamton. Hamton is upset over being picked last, but Plucky reminds him that it's only a friendly game. Hamton wants no part in the game, as he suddenly thinks he has no real friends. He goes back home, and Plucky and Babs wonder why he's so upset.

When Hamton arrives home, he is upset over the way his friends treated him. He angrily turns a picture of him and his friends over, and then he sits down, wishing he had a very special best friend all to himself. Buster, dressed as Mr. Popular, pops out of the picture to talk to Hamton. What he forgot to mention earlier is that, when all else fails, he could try making an imaginary friend of his own. Hamton decides to follow Mr. Popular's advice. He imagines his new friend is smart, tall, strong, and real good-looking. From his imagination emerged a tall, muscular handsome pig, who prefers to be called Tad. Hamton is excited to meet his new imaginary friend and have fun with him.

When they play Basketball, Hamton is about to throw the ball, when Tad picks him and the ball up, and demonstrates his basketball skills. Hamton, who is impressed by Tad's skills, is glad that he created him, and decides to have more fun with him. They set off to the Acme Park, where Babs, Plucky, and the others are about to play their game of soccer. Babs notices Tad and asks him if he wants to play. Tad is excited to join them, and boasts about himself to them. Hamton is jealous, and Tad leads Babs, Plucky, and their friends to play soccer. Hamton, who is distraught, stays behind.

When Tad arrives home, Hamton is cross with him. Tad tells Hamton he can't help it if he's attractive and popular, as Hamton as made him the way he is. Hamton calms down and realizes Tad's right. Tad tells Hamton he can set him up with some real cute piglets, and Hamton decides that it is a good idea to bury the hatchet. He brings over some popcorn and soda, and invites Tad to watch TV with him. Tad declines, as he is getting ready for a party. Hamton asks where the party is, and Tad tells him the party is at his house, and that he is not invited. As he leads Hamton out of his own house, he tells him that he is a loser, and he does not need a loser like Hamton cramping his style. Hamton is cross with Tad, and just as he is about to tell him off, a taxi arrives. Tad puts Hamton in the taxi and tells the driver to take Hamton to DeMoi as quick as he can.

Tad sets up the party, and the guests arrive. Even Buster Bunny, dressed as Mr. Popular wouldn't miss the party! Buster asks Tad where Hamton is. Tad tells him Hamton couldn't make it. The guests moan, but Tad tells them they're still gonna have the party. Hamton returns to his house, and finds out that Tad has locked him out. He bangs the door repeatedly, and Tad tries to drown out the sound by turning up the volume on his stereo. Plucky overhears Hamton's knocking, but Tad blocks the door and tells Plucky that the sound is only the wind. Hamton goes to a window, and Tad pulls down the window shade. Tad then tells the party guests that the Sun was hurting his eyes. Hamton goes down the chimney, but Tad blocks out the fireplace, pretending he is cold. He turns on the fireplace, and Hamton is burned out of his own house, landing in a bucket of water. As Hamton tries to get back in his house, Tad throws cupcakes all over the house. Babs tells Tad that Hamton would never approve of the mess Tad's making. Tad tells Babs that Hamton won't care, as he thinks he's his best friend. When Hamton crashes through his house, he is angry with everyone and tells them to leave. He is upset with Tad most of all, and tells the guests that Tad hates him more that they did. Plucky returns and tells Hamton that he and his friends don't hate him. Babs assures Hamton that they like him a lot, but Hamton tells her that he's always picked last in sports. Plucky tells Hamton it's because he's a lousy goalie, but Babs tells Hamton that lousy goalie or not, that doesn't mean they're not still his friends. She apologizes if they hurt his feelings, and Plucky tells him that he doesn't need an imaginary jerk like Tad. Tad argues, but Hamton realizes his friends are right, he doesn't need Tad after all. Tad shrinks down to the size of an ant, begging Hamton to give him a second chance. Sweetie then eats the shrunken Tad. Babs decides Hamton's friends will continue the party in his honor. Buster, who is eating popcorn, says, "Imagine that!", and the party continues.


  • The title "Dapper Dan" is a reference to the classic toy of the same name.


  • In the opening to "Dapper Diz", the sound clip of Elmyra saying, "Come home with me, Mr. Hippety-hop, and I'll hug you and squeeze you and love you into itty-bitty pieces!" was recycled from the episode "Dating, Acme Acres Style", when she wants to go on a date with Buster.
  • This episode appears in the 2014 romantic comedy movie Blended.
  • In "Dapper Diz", although she does not appear with Mitzi, Taffy & Jessie, Dizzy was kissing the fourth picture frame of Sherri, an African-American teenage girl wearing a purple outfit that is similar to Jessie.


  • During the beginning of "Dapper Diz", Mary Melody wore a pink shirt that matched her pink bow ribbon; in the next scene her shirt changed to purple.
  • In the beginning of "A Pigment of His Imagination", Shirley wore her trademark pink bowed ribbon; in the next scene she was wearing a pink hat.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Tad
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Mitzi
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff, Mary Melody, Taffy
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil, Taz
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon


  • Hamton (in Dizzy's cave with Plucky): "Uh, refresh my memory; whose idea was it to come to Dizzy's party again?"
Plucky: "Hey, it was either this or another night of the Disney Channel."
  • Dizzy: (Observing the pictures of the young human ladies who find him cute) "There Mitzi…" (kiss) "...and Taffy…" (kiss) "…and Jessie…" (kiss) "…and Sherri…" (kiss) "…and…" (screams after seeing that the last picture is one of Elmyra) "How that one get in here? Yuck!" (Dizzy tosses Elmyra's picture aside)


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