Arthur Jabba (left) talking to George on the phone

Arthur Jabba is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He is the owner of the Happy Sunny Oil company in the Season 2 finale, "Take Elmyra Please". He was voiced by Frank Welker.

About Arthur

When MacArthur Duff's new clean-burning fuel from cholesterol makes the top news story, Arthur realizes that a clean-burning fuel could put the Happy Sunny Oil company out of business. He sends George and Leonard, his two minions, to go to the Duff house and kidnap one of the family members to hold him or her hostage. George and Leonard capture Elmyra by tricking her into thinking that they are the executives for her new show, The Elmyra Fun Show. When they take her to a warehouse, he calls them, telling them not to let her go until they have the fuel formula, much to their dismay. When Elmyra proves to be too much for them to handle by the time the police and Elmyra's family arrive at the warehouse, they give in, and he, along with them, are arrested. Arthur is forced to watch Elmyra on the news, which he finds a cruel punishment, much to the delight of George and Leonard.

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