Aquamutt is Byron Basset's superhero alter-ego. He is a parody of the DC Comics superhero, AquaMan, and is a member of the Just-us League of Supertoons.


He first appears in New Class Day episode segment,The Just-us League of Supertoons, when Superbun introduces him after Wonder Babs, he didn't do much except sleep. After Batduck is rejected from the team, Wex Wuthor appears and plans to use his super-power transfer belt to suck all of the powers of him and the other members. After Wex is defeated, Aquamutt and the other heroes cheer for Batduck.


  • Communicate with sealife (Possibly): as a parody of Aquaman, Aquamutt has the power to communicate with the creatures of the sea.


  • In a deleted scene, after Superbun introduces AquaMutt, Wonder Babs spills water on Aquamutt and Aquamutt turns into muscular version of himself.
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