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Animaniacs is a TV series that served as a follow-up to Tiny Toon Adventures. Characters from Tiny Toons would make occasional cameos on the show as well as references to it appearing in certain episodes. Since production on the Tiny Toons television series had ceased production by the time Animaniacs was on the air, characters from Animaniacs only cameoed in the specials Tiny Toon Spring Break and Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery. In 2013, the series aired on The Hub until its transition into Discovery Family a year later. In 2018, Hulu picked up the rights to the series, and a reboot of the series premiered two years later.

References to Tiny Toon Adventures in Animaniacs

Visual References

Picture(s) Season Number Episode Number Episode Name Description
Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.48.29 PM 5.png
N/A N/A Newsreel of the Stars. Hamton make a cameo when Yakko, Wakko and Dot are created.
HMS Yakko cameos.jpg
1 3 H.M.S. Yakko / Slappy Goes Walnuts / Yakko's Universe
1 6 Temporary Insanity / Operation: Lollipop / What are We?
  • In Temporary Insanity, in Thaddeus Plotz's secretary's office hang pictures of Buster, Hamton and Elmyra, and Plotz's secretary sneezes in a manner similar to Li'l Sneezer.
1 12 Garage Sale of the Century / West Side Pigeons
  • In Garage Sale of the Century, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny and Dizzy Devil can be seen in the crowd of people trying to get refunds for the junk they bought at Pa Bear's garage sale. Strangely enough, Batman can also be seen in the crowd.
1 14 La La Law / Cat on a Hot Steel Beam
  • In La La Law, Elmyra Duff's parents, Mac and Emily, as well as her older sister, Amanda, make cameo appearances, also Cooper DeVille makes a cameo appearance as well.
  • In Cat on a Hot Steel Beam, Mary Melody makes a cameo appearance. Amanda Duff can also be seen in the crowd at the end.
1 15 Space Probed / Battle For the Planet
  • In Battle For the Planet, Elmyra Duff's parents, Mac and Emily, make cameo appearances.
Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 8.02.43 PM.png
1 16 Chalkboard Bungle/Hurray for Slappy/The Great Wakkorotti: The Master & His Music In Hurray for Slappy, when Slappy rips up the newspaper, articles about Buster, Babs and Plucky appear.
1 22 Guardin' the Garden / Plane Pals
  • In Guardin' the Garden, When Slappy Squirrel knocks the Snake who is trying to get fruit from the forbidden tree, he lands in the Garden of Eden mini golf course. In a reference to the Sports Shorts episode segment, Minister Golf, Baby Plucky says, "Look Daddy, is snake!" and whacks the snake with his golf club. He then says, "Snakey go down the hole!"
1 25 Hercule Yakko / Home on De-Nile / A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • In Home on De-Nile, Furrball makes a cameo appearance as a rejected sacrificial candidate.
1 27 You Risk Your Life / I Got Yer Can / Jockey For Position
  • In You Risk Your Life, Elmyra's mother, Emily, makes a cameo appearance as a contestant. Although, here, she is renamed "Mrs. Myra Puntridge."
1 33 Cartoons in Wakko's Body / Noah's Lark / The Big Kiss / Hiccup
  • In Noah's Lark, Buster and Babs (voiced by an uncredited John Kassir and Tress MacNeille, respectively) board the Richard Lewis-esque Noah's Ark and do their trademark "No relation" joke, to which Noah replies, "Let's hope not, this is a kid's show." (Interestingly, Buster had previously mentioned in the Pollution Solution episode segment, Jungle Bungle, that he wanted to book a reservation on Noah's Ark when Acme Acres was being flooded due to global warming.) Within the same cartoon, The Wolverine and his wife also board the ark, but not before attacking Noah.
1 36 Critical Condition / The Three Muska-Warners
  • In Critical Condition, Shirley the Loon can be seen alongside Shirley MacLaine when Skippy poses as an usher for a Hiskel and Eggbert movie premiere.
1 37 Dough Dough Boys / Boot Camping / General Boo-Regard
  • In Boot Camping, Dot is wearing an inner tube with Plucky's face on it.
1 43 Of Nice and Men / What a Dump / Survey Ladies
  • In Survey Ladies, Fifi La Fume appears in a perfume shop at the mall when the Warner Siblings, who are thinking about getting a birthday present for Dr. Scratchansniff, think about getting perfume as his present. Within the same cartoon, when the titular Survey Ladies that keep following and pestering the Warner Siblings are in the mall's elevator, Baby Plucky shows up. The Survey Ladies ask him if he would like to take a survey. He tells them, "No!", and (in a reference to the What Makes Toons Tick episode segment, Going Up,) presses a button that sends the elevator down the hole. He then says, "Elelator Go down the hole!
1 47 Video Review / When Mice Ruled the Earth
  • In Video Review, Baby Plucky is on the cover of The Mighty Ducks, and says, "I'm the mightiest duck of all!". Daffy Duck then shows up and says to him, "Says who, you diaper-clad upstart?" Both ducks then get blown by Yakko driving the plane from Top Gun into a cauldron on the cover of Duck Soup, and Groucho Marx appears and says, "Say the secret word and the ducks come down." For some odd reason, Plucky reverts to his normal age while in the cauldron.
1 56 Schnitzelbank / The Helpinki Formula / Les Boutons et Le Ballon / Kung Boo
  • In Les Boutons et Le Ballon, Baby Plucky can be seen in the Eiffel tower, saying his lines from the What Makes Toons Tick episode segment, Going Up in French.
cebter 1 57 Of Course, You Know This Means Warners / Up a Tree / Wakko's Gizmo
  • In Wakko's Gizmo, A Buster Bunny doll can be seen getting eaten by a piranha in a fish tank.
1 58 Meet John Brain / Smell Ya Later
  • In Meet John Brain, Elmyra's father, Mac, as well as her baby brother, make cameo appearances.
Skippy dressed as Buster.jpg
1 62 Scare Happy Slappy / Witch One / MacBeth
  • In Scare Happy Slappy, Skippy is dressed in a Buster Bunny costume.
1 64 Lookit the Fuzzy Heads / No Place Like Home
  • In Lookit the Fuzzy Heads, Elmyra Duff makes a guest appearance, in which she was one of Dr. Scratchansniff's patients, and pursued the Warner Siblings, until they tricked her into following Mindy so she would inadvertently put her in pain the same way she does so to Buttons (not to mention saving Buttons the trouble of going after her).
1 65 The Warners' 65th Anniversary Special
  • Elmyra Duff makes a cameo appearance, congratulating the Warners before cutting to a commercial break.
Elmyra in A Hard Day's Warners.jpg
Buster costume in A Hard Day's Warners.jpg
Warners with Elmyra masks.jpg
Buster, Dizzy and Hamton dolls in PPPGaL sketch.jpg
3 73 A Hard Day's Warners / Gimme A Break / The Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation
  • In A Hard Day's Warners, Elmyra Duff can be seen in the crowd of the Warner's fans. The Warners later use the mask from the 1994 Jim Carrey film, The Mask to disguise themselves as Elmyra. Within the same cartoon, a Tiny Toon Adventures booth can be seen with a man in a Buster Bunny costume.
  • In Gimme a Break, the Warners take a bath with a bar of soap shaped like Plucky Duck, which Wakko eats.
  • In The Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation, various Tiny Toon Adventures merchandise can be seen in a Nerd's bedroom as the Nerd lists down all his trivial complaints regarding Animaniacs. Later in the cartoon, Yakko tells the viewers to call the PPPGaLF before rewinding to see what was in the Nerd's bedroom at the beginning of the cartoon.
3 82 Wakko's 2-Note Song / Panama Canal / Hello Nurse / The Ballad of Magellan / The Return of the Great Wakkoroti / The Big Wrap Party Tonight
  • In The Big Wrap Party Tonight, Buster, Babs and Plucky are seen shaking hands with Yakko, Wakko and Dot at the wrap party. Dizzy, Hamton and Gogo Dodo are seen in the background. Henny Youngman's rooster likeness is seen next to Slappy.
4 86 A Very Very Very Very Special Show / Night of the Living Buttons / Soda Jerk
  • In Soda Jerk, near the end of the episode, where a medical conference is being held, The Medical School slightly resembles Acme Looniversity.
5 95 Hooray for North Hollywood, Part 1
Buster Babs Sylvester Animaniacs reboot.PNG
1 (reboot) 2 Warners Unbound/How to Brain Your Dragon/Suffragette City
  • Buster and Babs appear in the "Suffragette City" musical number.
Elmyra with Pinky and Brain.jpg
Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain
  • Do we dare mention the infamous mess that was Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain?
Animaniacs Issue 3 N/A Guitars and Cadillacs When Dot asks Yakko if the guitarist by the trio when he said Toonettes which Yakko replies that he doesn't see Babs or Buster Bunny.
Animaniacs Issue 7 N/A Total Commitment A Buster Bunny doll can seen in Scratchansniff's pile.
Animaniacs Issue 10 N/A A Comic Book is a Comic Born A Plucky Duck trash can could be seen.
Animaniacs Issue 15 N/A Shopping Beauty Plucky gets enamored of Minerva Mink, annoying Shirley the Loon.
Animaniacs Issue 27 N/A Useless Facts: (This Month: Minty Fresh Coins!) A Babs Bunny piggy pig can be seen.
Animaniacs Issue 38 N/A Cute Only Goes So Far Buffy has a striking resemblance to Babs.

Verbal References

  • Season 1, Episode 21: Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago / Wakko's America / Davy Omelette / The Flame - In Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago, the Warners sing a parody of the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song.
  • Season 1, Episode 30: Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled / Moon Over Minerva / Skullhead Boneyheads - Skullhead Boneyheads opens and closes with the Warners singing the Mr. Skullhead theme song originally sung by Elmyra Duff in the "Take Elmyra Please" episode.
  • Season 1, Episode 54: Brain Meets Brawn / Meet Minerva - In Meet Minerva, Fowlmouth can be heard on Minerva's answering machine. Fowlmouth says that Shirley the Loon is on vacation.
  • Season 1, Episode 58: Meet John Brain / Smell Ya Later - In Smell Ya Later, Skippy says, Stinkbomb go down the hooole, a reference to Baby Plucky's catchphrase. Both characters were voiced by Nathan Ruegger.
  • Season 2, Episode 66: Take My Siblings, Please / The Mindy 500 / Morning Malaise - In Take My Siblings, Please, Wakko begins singing, We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney... before he stops himself and gets tired of the song and sings the Animaniacs theme instead.
  • Season 4, Episode 84: Cutie and the Beast / Boo Happens / Noel - In Cutie and the Beast, Yakko and Wakko continually request Taz to do the "funny thing that you do", similar to Babs being asked to do this in the Pledge Week episode segment, It's all Relatives.

References to Animaniacs in Tiny Toon Adventures and Pinky Elmyra and the Brain

Picture Episode Description
The recurring character of Ralph the Guard actually originated on Tiny Toons, as did the character of Mr. Skullhead.
PATB in the Spring Break special.jpg
Warners on Tiny Toons.jpg
Tiny Toon Spring Break The deer in the prologue is from the Animaniacs cartoon, Bumbie's Mom. In the same episode, Pinky and the Brain make cameo appearances as two of the caged pets when Elmyra announces that she is going to catch the Easter Bunny, whom she believes is Buster Bunny. (The epilogue to the special confirms this to be true). The Warner siblings make a brief cameo as well, once again doing their literal running gag of being chased by Ralph.
Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery Fifi is seen dressed like Dot in the opening credits. In the same episode, Baloney the Dinosaur (from the episode, Baloney and Kids) and Mr. Director ("FROYNLAVEN!") make a cameo appearance in the sketch, The Devil and Daniel Webfoot, and the Brain makes a brief cameo appearance in the sketch, Frankenmyra and Dizzygor.
Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain: Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific Baloney becomes guest judge at the spelling bee. He found Pinky and the Brain we're cheating and chase them in the science lab.

Verbal References

  • Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain episode 8: A Walk in the Park - Brain plays Baloney's "Yum Yumm Doodle Dum" song to prove Elmyra a song can't get stuck in your head. Later He play the song on the recorder inside the "Children of Many Lands" ride instead of his world domination recording.
  • Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain episode 9: Squeeze Play - Brain talks about his latest plan, which broke Pinky into singing "Yakko's World" only to get smacked in the head.

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