Amanda Duff on the phone with Stephanie, as seen in Take Elmyra Please

Amanda Duff is Elmyra Duff's teenage sister. She appears in the episodes, Take Elmyra Please and Grandma's Dead. She is voiced by Soleil Moon Frye.

Amanda has a cool demeanor, but tends to be rude and sarcastic at times, especially toward her family. This is evident in Take Elmyra Please, when Elmyra asks her father if he will be on the news the day of his new discovery of a clean-burning alternative fuel, and she insultingly and sarcastically tells her, "No, they're coming over to give you your own show, Elbow-head!" Elmyra, unable to understand sarcasm, really believes what she just said.

Also in Take Elmyra Please, she has an unseen friend, Stephanie, who she talks to over the phone. Amanda wishes she could be like Stephanie, as she lives in a family where her parents are always gone and without brothers, sisters, or pets. When her brother, Duncan (in his Ninja Boy persona), is boldly yelling out on the front porch on how he will guard the house from spies and other other evil doers, Amanda tells him from her open upstairs bedroom window to Get a life! She seems genuinely concerned on Elmyra's kidnapping and follows Duncan along with her family and police to find out where they are holding her.

In Grandma's Dead, she appears curious and then disgusted when she wants to know what her father's latest invention is and he tells her that it turns tears into drinking water. She tries to cheer up Elmyra after her hamster dies, telling her, Come on. Don't be sad. Be the other way. Later in the episode, when she, Emily and Baby Duff arrive home, she is surprised (but also disgusted) to find Elmyra holding a funeral for her hamster in her backyard, which many guests believe is the funeral for Grandma Duff. She stands by her father after his experiment of turning tears into drinking water fails, and they hug after he discovers that it will make a successful slug repellant. In this appearance, she has pink streaks in her hair.

Appearances Outside of Tiny Toon Adventures

Amanda has made several cameo appearances on Animaniacs. She can be seen in the audience alongside Mac when the Meter Maid arrives to the courtroom in La La Law, and she can also be seen in the crowd of people at the end of Cat on a Hot Steel Beam. Ironically, she didn’t appear in any episode of Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain.


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