The box

The Acme Zap Trap is an Acme Company product that was purchased by Calamity Coyote in the Dating, Acme Acres Style episode segment, Love Stinks.


The Zap Trap is a robot designed to trap a target by taking the form of an attractive female animal, such as a Road Runner or coyote. Once the intended victim notices the "attractive female," the user presses a button on a remote control, which causes the robot to turn into a cage, trapping the victim within itself.


After the Jr. Jet incident, Calamity goes off and buys a Zap Trap, In hopes that it will trap Little Beeper once and for all. As Beeper runs past the trap, the robotic roadrunner drops a hanky and Little Beeper goes to pick it up. Thinking this might work, Calamity waits for Beeper to get closer to the trap. Unfortunately, Beeper uses the same remote and turns the robot roadrunner into a robot coyote, who catches the attention of Calamity and both begin to kiss. Suddenly, Beeper uses the remote and Calamity is trapped inside the cage. While inside the cage, Calamity notices a smell and sees Fifi with him. (How she got into the cage is never answered.) At this point, it seems hopeless for Calamity to escape the cage. Luckily, Fifi's stench melts the cage into a green ooze, giving Calamity the opportunity to escape.


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