The Acme Wonder Locker is a villain who appears in the Son of Looniversity Daze segment Open & Shut Case. He is voiced by Charlie Adler.


After being told of For receiving the highest grades in class, Granny rewards Hamton with Acme Looniversity's first highly state of the art advanced Acme Wonder Locker. Granny gives him the manual so he can operate the locker, and reminds him to take care of school property. After enters the combination, The Locker told him he has entered the incorrect combination. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, Hamton decides to check the manual. Unfortunately, he has accidentally locked it in. He tries to pull the locker open, but it won't budge, and he accidentally pulls the handle off. After a bunch of fail attempts, Hamton decide to get a crane with a large magnet and use it to lift the locker. However it turns out that every locker in the hall was lifted by the magnet, but the heavy load causes the crane's rope to break, and it drops the load back down. In the end the locker finally surrenders the lunch and faints.


  • The Acme Wonder Locker is the first machine villain in the series, the second being The Toon Logic Extractor.

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