Acme Tar is an Acme Company Product that was purchased by Calamity Coyote in the Dating, Acme Acres Style episode segment, Love Stinks.


The tar is a substance obtained from a variety of organic materials through destructive distillation.


Calamity purchase a can of tar for his plan to capture Little Beeper, First a bowling ball with roll down then bump into the can of tar, in which Beeper would be trapped on the spot and Calamity would finally get him, However the planed backfired when the fuse of the cherry bomb under the bowling ball didn't set the trap, but when Calamity step on it, the bowling ball began to roll and hit the can. Luckily it miss Calamity, unfortunately Calamity accidently stepped on a bowling pin, which caused him to fall back and landed into the Tar, where for nearly half the episode, Fifi mistake him for a black skunk (with the white chicken feathers on his back looking like a strip) However the Tar was removed thanks to the boxes of Acme Tar Remover. Near the end Beeper fell into the tar was mistaken to be a skunk and was chased by Fifi instead.


  • In real life, if someone is covered by tar, they are unable to make any movement.
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