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The Acme Mall is the mall in Acme Acres on Tiny Toon Adventures.


Season 1

  • "Career Oppor-toon-ities" episode segment, "Working Pig" - Hamton gets a job working at a toy store, interested in the cleaning supplies promotion he is offered if he succeeds. Unfortunately, his first customer is Elmyra Duff, who is unhappy that he is the salesman.
  • "You Asked For it Again" episode segment, "Elmyra at the Mall" - Elmyra Duff goes to a pet store minutes before the mall is about to close. Not wanting to leave, she switches herself with an armadillo and has the mall all to herself. She dresses the pets, and Arnold, who is working as a security guard. Two criminals sneak into the mall and she foils their plan. She appears on the news as the mall's manager rewards her with anything she wants from the mall. Elmyra chooses Arnold, who she has as her new pet.

Season 2

  • "Playtime Toons" episode segment, "Happy Birthday Hamton" - Buster, Babs, and Plucky shop at the Acme Mall's toy store to buy Hamton presents for his birthday.

Season 3

  • "What Makes Toons Tick" episode segment, "Going Up" - Baby Plucky becomes fascinated in riding the mall elevator, and does not want to leave. He switches himself with Baby Babs, and keeps the elevator to himself, angering the other customers. He unexpectedly foils a robbery by Mr. Hitcher.

    "My elelator! Not your elelator, my elelator! Not your elelator, Mine!"

  • "Toon TV" Music Video, "Arcade" - Fowlmouth and Plucky sing about Plucky's experience at the mall's arcade.