Babs about to open the box

The Acme Little Wonder Make-Up Kit is an Acme Company Product that appears in the Love Disconnection episode segment, The Amazing Three.


When purchasing it, the make-up kit appears as a small tan box, but when one presses the red button, it turns into a make-up table, complete with make-up, clothing, wigs, jewelry, and a mirror to view one self.


After arriving at Perfecto Prep for the senior prom and just before going inside, Babs brought the Make-up kit and she, Shirley and Fifi used it to make them look older to attract older guys. Towards the end of the episode, when they arrived at Weenie Burger (After Shirley ruined the prom), Babs took out another Make-Up Kit and fed it to Dizzy for the "Will Dizzy eat it?" challenge. After he spun around and ate the kit, he ended up looking very feminine, and even got chased by the Perfecto Prep seniors Babs, Shirley, and Fifi failed to impress earlier at the prom.


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