The Acme Do-it-Yourself Robot Kit (no kid should be without one)

The Acme Do-it-Yourself Robot Kit is a Acme Company Product that was shown in the episode Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?.


When one purchase said kit, they can use it to make a robot that not only looks like the builder, but also act and sound like them too.


Stanley purchased the kit on the night of the awards to begin is master plan. First he would the robot to go onstage to give the award to Bugs, next While the Robot Stanley is on stage, the real one would go into Bugs' dressing room and knock him out with Bug's Shloscar. Later when the Robot Stanley and Daffy are fighting over the award. The real Stanley would leave, While dress like a women. Later Buster and Babs would use the same kit to get Stanley to confess his plan and to prove how he kidnap Bugs while Robot Stanley took his place.

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