Plucky devilishly planning to steal a candy bar from Acme Buy N' Buy

Acme Buy N' Buy is a fictional mini-mart on Tiny Toon Adventures. Rémi Bughari is its manager.

Appearances on The Show

In the episode Gang Busters, Montana Max and his gang stop by Acme Buy N' Buy, where they steal a slushie machine. When Buster is on his way to buy a slushie, he notices Monty and his gang with the slushie machine passing him. He demands that Monty give the slushie machine back, and Monty tosses it to him. Rémi thinks Buster is one of the criminals and one of the police officers catches him, although Buster's innocence is proven and Monty is arrested by the end of the episode.

Acme Buy N' Buy returns in the Best O' Plucky Duck Day episode segment Sticky Feathers Duck. Plucky, Hamton, and Shirley are on their way home when Hamton gets hungry. Plucky notices an Acme Super-Duper Munch-N-Crunch bar (with almonds), but Shirley reminds him that they spent their last quarter at the arcade. Plucky suggests stealing the candy bar, but Shirley wants no part in Plucky's plan. Plucky and Hamton browse the store, as Rémi asks them if there is anything they would like to purchase. They nervously tell him not at the moment and that they are just looking around. Plucky stuffs the candy bar in Hamton's pocket when he is not looking, and they sneak out of the store. They later feel guilty and confess. They promise never to steal again, and although Remi congratulates them for their honesty, he tells them that if they ever return, he will call the police, causing them to run out in fear.

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