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The American cover art for Acme All-Stars

Acme All-Stars is a video game released by Konami in 1994 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.


Similar to Wacky Sports, released on the Super NES and Game Boy, Acme All-stars is a collection of sports-related games that allows the player to make a team out of several of the iconic characters from the TV series. Each player has their own special ability, which you must gain to use. As you use these special techniques and shots, your ace power bar decreases. When the red portion of the bar is nearly full, your character begins sweating and is unable to use the special ability. When your ace power bar is completely empty, your character passes out. Ace power will be restored after a while, although each character's recovery speed is different. When the power gauge is full and the character stops sweating, press the C button (in default, as the controls can be changed in the options menu) to activate his or her special technique. Press the A button (in default) to deliver the ace shot that may knock down the goalie or sink a shot from across the court. Experiment to discover all the cool moves (excluding several characters).

Playable Characters

Name Playable in Special Ability Soccer Ace Basketball Ace
Buster Bunny All Sports Speed Up: Buster dashes at a super high speed. Sonic Shot Ear Dunk Shot
Babs Bunny All Sports Speed Up (See Buster) Stardust Shot Stardust Shot
Plucky Duck All Sports Flying: Plucky can fly for short periods of time while 16-ton weights fall from the sky. Any character hit by one is temporarily immobilized. Press Shot: When hit by one of his own weights, the ball flies from Plucky's mouth. Press Shot
Hamton J. Pig All Sports Curled Hamton: Hamton can leap forward with the ball tucked in a curled position. Roly Poly Belly Bump: Hamton can curl into the shape of a ball (much like the characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series) and bounce himself towards the goal. His position can be controlled with the D-pad. Roly Poly Belly Bump
Montana Max Soccer and Basketball Only

Montana Max Power: Monty calls a car off-screen which can run down anyone who gets in his way.

Rich Man's Shot: In the Montana Max's playroom stage, a jet fighter appears. This plane releases weights (similar to Plucky's special move) instead of firing shots.

Rich Man's Shot
Elmyra Duff Soccer and Basketball Only

Cling: Elmyra clings to whoever draws near, causing them to pass out.

Lovey Dovey Shot: Clings to the enemy, forcing him/her to shoot the ball.

Lovey Dovey Shot
Shirley the Loon

Soccer and Basketball Only

Floating: Shirley can move while floating in the air.

Psychic Volley: Shirley can use telepathy to score.

Psychic Volley
Fifi La Fume

Soccer and Basketball Only

Eau De Score: Fifi releases skunk odor only when she has the ball.

Sweet Shot: Shoots while wrapped in an aura of skunk odor.

Sweet Shot

Calamity Coyote

Soccer and Basketball Only

Robot: Operates a robot. (Press B to jump and A to bring out the mini-robot). Unlike the other characters, this ability cannot be disabled.

Robot Shot Robot Shot
Little Beeper

Soccer and Basketball Only

Speed Up (See Buster) Illusion Shot Illusion Shot

Soccer and Basketball Only

Ball Riding - Furrball moves while balanced on a ball.

Ball-Riding Shot

Rotating Jump Shot

Dizzy Devil

Soccer and Basketball Only

Spin Attack Dizzy spins as he sends his enemies flying, but he can't move as easily in the direction he wants.

Spin Shot: Delivers a powerful shot while spinning.

Spin Shot

Story Mode

Acme Looniversity is holding soccer and basketball tournaments to select members for an All-star team. Buster has gathered his friends, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton and headed for the stadium. Naturally, Montana Max is also slotted to play.

In story mode, you are limited to using Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton. Each of the games and mini-games follows the storyline, and the computer team is pre-selected.



The soccer team consists of three players and one goalie. The three players are controlled by controllers or CPU, and the goalie is controlled automatically. You can set the game time in the options menu between two and five minute per half. If the game ends in a tie during regular play, the teams shoot penalty kicks. You will continue with penalty kicks until one player is the victor. In default, the A button serves as Kick (when the player has the ball) and tackle (when the player does not have the ball), the B button serves as pass (when the player has the ball) and switch characters (when the player does not have the ball), and the C button serves as the player's special ability.


The basketball team consists of three players. You can set the game time in the options menu between two to five minutes per quarter. Both the ball and players can be called for going out of bounds. The 24-second shot clock rule also applies. No fouls, however, are called. If there's no winner when the time runs out, the game will be extended until one team is the victor. In default mode, the A button serves as shoot (when the player has the ball) and steal (when the player does not have the ball), the B button serves as pass (when the player has the ball), and switch characters (when the player does not have the ball), and the C button serves as the player's special ability.

Obstacle Course

Only Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton can play this game. Race three laps through a course filled with obstacles to see who finishes first. Move the character using the D-pad while repeatedly pressing the A or C buttons. The faster you press, the faster you run. Items fall at fixed positions throughout the course to make the characters speed up, slow down, change position with another character, or become invincible against enemies. Since items are always changing their appearance, you never know their effects until you get them. When slow-running characters find themselves near the end of the screen, they are automatically returned to the center of the screen for a one-second penalty.

Montana Hitting

Only Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton can play this game. Each character has a mallet and must hit as many Montana Max targets as they can within the time limit. Hitting a Montana Max target will give you 100 points. Hitting a Dizzy Devil target will take away 100 points, and hitting an Elmyra Duff target will take away 300. Don't get caught in the blast of the falling bombs that Gogo Dodo drops, or you will be blown away.


Only Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton can play this game. This game takes place in Monty's Playroom, with a set of train tracks designed to look like a bowing course with gutters. The bowling is done horizontally, and the keys to getting a strike are the right speed and position. As the ball rolls down the lane, use the D-pad to control the ball's direction. The more speed you put into the ball, the harder it is to control. By setting the ball's speed to maximum and bowling a straight line (which is very difficult to do), you can deliver a super powerful hurricane ball, which will deliver a perfect strike. You have five rounds to get as many points as you can. In story mode, your opponents are Montana Max, Elmyra Duff, and Dizzy Devil.


  • Stadium - A regular stadium with to particular traps or devices. Recommended for beginners.
  • Western - This course is based on Prairie Junction from the episode, High Toon, with a saloon, a horse, and a sign pointing to Acmeland in the background. Do not get too close to the horse in the field or you will get kicked by it. Occasionally, barrels will stray onto the course and flatten whoever is in their path.
  • Forest - This course is based on the forest of Acme Acres. Thorny bushes may cause you to trip and fall down.
  • Downtown - This course is set in the city. Be careful not to slip on spilled oil.
  • Montana Max's Playroom - This course is based on Montana Max's playroom from the Playtime Toons episode segment, Fit to be Toyed. The course is set up with various toy train tracks and road, and a roulette in the middle of the goal circles, represented by the head of Monty parodying Geoffrey the Giraffe in a Toys R Mine commercial wraparound for the episode, Playtime Toons. Be careful not to trip over the passing toy trains or cars, or you will lose the ball. As each goal is scored, a roulette will decide how many points each player will get, which, with the exception of one and four, can range anywhere from zero (representing by a raspberry-blowing Monty), to five.

Sega Team Player compatibility

This game is compatible with the Sega Team Player, a multitap that can plug into the Genesis that works with most Sega Genesis controllers to allow up to four players to play. When there are three or four players, then 1P and 3P are the team captains. These players will pick the team members in 1P/2P Vs 3P, or 1P/2P Vs 3P/4P games. Listed below are all the different ways to play the game, both with and without the Team Player.

Without Team Player

  • 1P Vs CPU
  • 1P Vs 2P
  • 1P + 2P Vs CPU
  • CPU Vs CPU

With Team Player

  • 1P + 2P + 3P Vs CPU
  • 1P + 2P Vs 3P
  • 1P + 2P Vs 3P + 4P
  • 1P + 2P + 3P Vs 4P



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