Acme-Tron, as Seen in Happy Birthday Hamton

Acme-Tron is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He is an orange cylindrical all-purpose transforming robot and Hamton's birthday gift from Buster Bunny. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

Happy Birthday Hamton

Acme-Tron appears in the Playtime Toons episode segment, Happy Birthday Hamton. When Buster gets invited to Hamton's birthday, he immdediately goes shopping with Babs and Plucky at the Acme Mall. Buster was originally going to buy Hamton a Buster Bunny doll, but Acme-Tron told him he would get a much better value if he bought him instead. Acme-Tron Transforms into a hovercaft and Buster takes him for a test drive. Although he knew he bought Acme-Tron for Hamton, Buster wanted to keep him for himself. When Plucky suggests giving Hamton some of their old toys, Buster tries to stick to the original plan by reminding them that they bought the toys for Hamton, but he changes his mind after Acme-Tron makes him some carrot juice before he is given away. Acme-Tron tells Buster, "Just give Hamton a piece of junk", so Buster gives Hamton his toy airplane. When Hamton sees the toy airplane break (he assumes it's collapsable), Buster remembers it was the same toy airplane that broke when he was a baby. Feeling guilty for giving up his toy airplane, Buster trades Hamton Acme-Tron for it, a deal Hamton agrees to. When Buster and his friends aren't looking, Hamton informs the audience that it's not really his birthday.

Acme-Tron as he appears in Buster's Hidden Treasure

Appearances in Video Games

  • Buster's Hidden Treasure for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: Acme-Tron appears in the factory levels of the game. If Buster jumps on him, he can ride his detached floating head upwards.
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