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Tiny Toon Adventures
A Ditch in Time
Season 1, Episode 35
The Title Card
Air date 9 November 1990
Written by Wayne Kaatz, Bruce Timm, Art Vitello, Douglas McCarthy
Directed by Art Vitello
Gag credit Any Similarity Between This Cartoon And The Original Script Is Purely Coincidental.
End tag Plucky: "Parting is such sweet sorrow."
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A Ditch in Time is the 35th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. It was written by Wayne Kaatz, Bruce Timm, Art Vitello, and Douglas McCarthy, and directed by Art Vitello.


Plucky is ashamed of himself for always waiting until the last possible minute to do his homework. It's midnight and Plucky falls asleep. When he wakes up, it's 7:00 AM and his homework still isn't done. One of his assignments is to read about H.G. Wells, the novelist who wrote the novel The Time Machine. This gives Plucky the idea to skip school so he can build a time machine, so he can travel back in time to Friday and do his homework ahead of time. Just as he finishes talking, a time machine appears in his house. The time traveler is himself from four days in the future. Plucky's current self is not amused, as he thinks it's Buster in a mask. Plucky's future self tells his current self that he spent the next four days making a time machine out of his clock, a couch, a bathtub, and a lawn mower. Then, Plucky's future self traveled back in time to show his current self. Plucky and his future self travel back to Friday, but Plucky snatches the time machine to show Buster and Babs, leaving his future self to do his homework.

Buster and Babs are at Acme Looniversity in the present day, relieved they finally got a scene in the episode. Babs claims she'll scream if she sees Plucky again. Plucky appears, and she does. He shows them the time machine, and takes them backwards through time. Unfortunately, the time machine malfunctions and takes them too far back.

In the second act, Plucky lands in Acme Acres in prehistoric times, before it was officially named Acme Acres. Buster and Babs' prehistoric ancestors talk to Hamton's prehistoric ancestor on how they need a leader to bring everyone together and share their food. Plucky is whacked by Montana Max's prehistoric ancestor and lands in the bucket of Hamton's prehistoric ancestor. Plucky proclaims himself their new leader. He wants to name the new paradise Pluckyland, but the prehistoric citizens disapprove. Plucky is outraged, and he tells them that Acme Acres is a dumb name. The Prehistoric citizens like the name Acme Acres and decide to call it that.

Meanwhile, Buster and Babs end up in medieval times and the time machine is out of fuel. Buster notices Shirley the Loon's medieval ancestor tied to a tree and rescues her. He asks her if she knows anything that makes fire, and she points to a dragon that resembles Foghorn Leghorn. As Buster is chased by the dragon, Babs disguises herself as a clown and douses the dragon with a bottle of seltzer. As the dragon is knocked out, she uses the fire-breathing fuel from the dragon to refuel the time machine.

Back in the prehistoric Acme Acres, Monty's prehistoric ancestor tries to keep Acme Acres for himself. He orders Dizzy Devil's prehistoric ancestor, a dinosaur, to eat Plucky. Buster and Babs arrive and Plucky snatches the time machine from them, taking Dizzy's Prehistoric Ancestor with him. Monty's prehistoric ancestor destroys Acme Acres and takes over.

In the third act, Plucky and Dizzy's prehistoric Ancestor arrive back to Acme Acres in the present day. Elmyra sees Dizzy's prehistoric ancestor and wants to make him her pet. Plucky, who is stuck in the water of his swamp, tries to get the time machine working again.

Back in the prehistoric Acme Acres, Buster and Babs meet their prehistoric ancestors and tell them the truth about Plucky. They vow to get their revenge on Plucky if he ever returns.

Back in Acme Acres in the present day, Dizzy's prehistoric ancestor is destroying Acme Acres. Elmyra catches him at a construction site, where he lands in a pile of quick-drying cement. Elmyra washes him with water from a fire hydrant. Prehistoric Dizzy grabs Elmyra, but before he can turn her into an appetizer, the cement hardens, freezing him in place.

That night at the prehistoric Acme Acres, Buster and Babs tell their prehistoric ancestors about the 1990s. Their prehistoric ancestors tell them that Monty's prehistoric ancestor has taken over and they don't have a leader now to stop him. Buster and Babs tell them their plan. The next morning, Buster and Babs' prehistoric ancestors take over Monty's prehistoric ancestor's cave and trash it. They agree to leave if Monty's prehistoric ancestor restores Acme Acres, and so he does.

Meanwhile at the present-day Acme Acres, Plucky repairs the time machine. Dizzy's prehistoric ancestor is being chased by Elmyra. He wants to go back with Plucky and agrees to be good if he returns. Together, they return to the prehistoric Acme Acres, where Buster and Babs are crowned their new leaders. When Plucky returns, the prehistoric citizens toss their fruit and vegetables at him for being a lousy leader.

Buster and Babs return to Acme Acres on Sunday, where Plucky's future self takes back the time machine and tells Plucky that he finished his homework early. As he leaves, Plucky realizes he has been fooled and learns his lesson, "Don't put off till' tomorrow what you can do today, 'cause it's just a matter of time."


  • Before Plucky arrives in the past, some ILM budget forms appear all around him, in reference to Industrial Light & Magic, the George Lucas-founded special effects company used for many special effects for films and television series.
  • In addition to prehistoric ancestors of Buster, Babs, Hamton, Dizzy, and Monty, prehistoric ancestors of Furrball, Gogo, Sweetie, Sneezer, Concord Condor, and Bugs Bunny also make cameo appearances in this episode.
  • The Tiny Toon Adventures: BIG Adventures VHS tape end credits list this episode as "Twice Upon a Time."


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Buster's Prehistoric Ancestor
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Future Plucky
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig's Prehistoric Ancestor
Frank Welker Gogo Dodo
Danny Cooksey Montana Max's Prehistoric Ancestor
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil's Prehistoric Ancestor
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon's Medieval Ancestor
Jeff Bergman Foghorn Leghorn Dragon


  • Future Plucky: "I should have known better. I just can't trust myself."
  • Buster: "About time we got a scene in today's show."
Babs: "If I see Plucky one more time, I'll scream."
Plucky: "Hi, guys!"
Babs: "Ahem. AAAAH!"
  • Plucky: "You know, the worst part about falling through time is always having to reset your watch."
  • Plucky: "I got it! What better name for a duck's paradise than Pluckyland?"
Babs & Hamton's Prehistoric Ancestors: "Nah."
Plucky: "No? Who organized this village? Who gave away all the secrets of the ages? You can't spoil my perfect setup with a dumb name like Acme Acres!" (spits)
Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor: "Acme Acres? We like."
Hamton's Prehistoric Ancestor: "We call place Acme Acres."
Plucky: Me and my big fat beak."
  • Foghorn Leghorn Dragon: "Roar, I say, Roar!"
  • Buster: "Take away your props and costumes, what would you be?"
Babs: "Naked."
  • Babs: "We save Plucky and he ditches us in the stone age. By the 90's, I'll be too old to wring his neck!"
  • Buster: "You must be my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather!"
Buster's Prehistoric Ancestor: "Oh, me not that great."
  • Plucky: "Yesterday's leader, today's tossed salad."


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