Tiny Toon Adventures
A Cat's Eye View
Season 3, Episode 96
"Oooh, Harry Houdini I am not."
Air date November 16, 1992
Written by Paul Dini, George McGrath, Sherri Stoner, Nicholas Hollander
Directed by Byron Vaughns
Gag credit Sherri Stoner's favorite gag - That John Candied-yam bit
End tag Furrball: "ROAR! Meow."
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A Cat's Eye View is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, the 76th in production, and the 96th episode overall.


Elmyra Duff has just left the Acme Magic Shop, and she bought the ACME Super Duper Magic Trick #5, which she plans to use to recapture Furrball. She pushes the button on the box and the box transforms into a table with a fish on a dish. As Elmyra hides behind a building to watch, the fish smell attracts Furrball, who is sleeping near a cardboard box. He wakes up and follows the fish smell over to the table. Just as the box is about to capture him, Furrball escapes at the last second. The box opens and reveals Elmyra tied up in the box. Elmyra says, "Ooh, Harry Houdini I am not", as Furrball escapes.

Episode Segments

Little Dog Lost

Elmyra chases Byron Basset all over her house because she wants to play with him. As soon as she catches him, she picks him up and swings him around, tossing him onto the ceiling. Byron's impact causes the ceiling to collapse, with Elmyra's vanity above it. Elmyra pulls Byron out of a drawer and puts him in a dress to play with him as if he were a doll. Having put up with her abuse for the umpteenth time, Byron runs away from Elmyra and into the city. He escapes her clutches by falling into the back seat of a young lady's convertible. The lady feels bad for Byron, seeing that he is lost, and offers him to stay with her. Elmyra, unable to catch up with Byron, decides to try other methods to get him back.

At the young lady's apartment, the young lady is working out to an exercise program. After she is finished, the exercise program cuts to a commercial break. The first commercial is of Elmyra, who has gone on public television to announce that she has lost Byron. Byron, seeing the commercial, blocks the TV with his body and tries to imitate the workout program until the commercial is over. The young lady finds this cute and goes inside her apartment to get him some milk. As he is drinking the milk, Byron notices his picture on the milk carton under the words, HAVE YOU SEEN ME? He quickly snatches the milk carton from the young lady and eats it. After eating the milk carton, he hears Elmyra in a plane, writing a message in the sky. As the young lady is distracted by Elmyra writing her message, Byron goes inside the apartment and picks up a phone to make a call. He then waits by the door for a package from the Acme Corportation he ordered. The package is delivered, and he tips the delivery man by licking his hand. Byron then rushes back outside to open the package. Inside the package is an Acme Rocket Launcher. As the young lady reads the message Elmyra writes, Byron aims the rocket launcher at Elmyra's plane and destroys it, causing her to fall out of the sky in a parachute. With Elmyra unable to finish the message, the incomplete message now reads, "I'M ELMYRA. HAVE YOU SEEN MY DO". The young lady finds this message strange. Byron then tosses his Acme Rocket Launcher in the bushes and takes a nap.

Later that day, as the young lady takes Byron for a walk in the city, she notices Elmyra crying on a street corner over Byron being missing. The young lady asks her if Byron is her dog and hands him over to her. As she hands Byron to Elmyra, he puts on a Batman mask to disguise himself, and Elmyra tells her, 'No, my dog was drawn better." Byron is relieved, but Elmyra sadly mopes home, saying, "All I have left are my memories." Byron, now with a guilty look on his face, thinks back to the day he became her pet; remembering when he was a little Puppy and baby Elmyra chose him (sleeping a short distance away from his family) over the rest of the (more lively) litter. He also remembers the good times they had, such as when they played fetch together, and when she used to rub his stomach. Byron thanks the young lady for taking care of him by licking her face and reluctantly runs back to Elmyra, who is overjoyed to have him back.

Party Crasher Plucky

It's Friday, and Plucky is excited, as to him, Friday means date night. Buster, Babs, and Hamton all laugh at him, as they don't believe he can get a date with anyone else. Plucky tells them that he is planning to ask Shirley the Loon to go on a date with him. Buster, Babs, and Hamton continue laughing, but Plucky doesn't find this funny, as he thinks he would make the perfect date for any girl. Plucky asks Shirley if she would like to go out with him tonight, but Shirley tells him no, as today is the birthday of her namesake, Shirley MacLaine. Plucky wants to know if he is invited to Shirley MacLaine's birthday party, as he would have chosen Shirley McLoon to escort him. Plucky tells Shirley he will pick her up at 8:00.

As Plucky and Shirley are on their way to Shirley MacLaine's mansion, Plucky finds out that Shirley is invited, but not him. Inside Shirley MacLaine's Mansion, Shirley the Loon and Shirley MacLaine meet face to face, and find they are soulmates. Plucky is outside, watching from one of the windows, and needs to figure out a way to get inside. Plucky imitates Rocky Balboa, Clint Eastwood, and Pee-wee Herman, but none of his impressions are convincing and he is booted out. A car stops next to him and several Disney executives are seen leaving the car, discussing their future plans. Plucky decides the easiest way for him to get in is to be one of the yes-men for Jeffrey Katzenberg.

As soon as he gets inside, Plucky is ecstatic to meet so many celebrities at once. When Plucky gets to the buffet, he asks the waitress what she recommends. She recommends either the New Squids on the Block, or the John Candied Yams. Two of the servants notice that Plucky is uninvited and try to boot him out, but Plucky tries to convince everyone that he is an endangered species. Having looked briefly at an issue of News Month magazine with a picture of Bush Quayle on the front cover, he tries to convince everyone that he is a Bush Quail. Shirley McLoon doesn't believe him, and tells everyone he's just a duck. Plucky is booted out of the party, and tells the viewers, "I guess you could say I was the hit of the party. Well, I got a kick out of it, anyway."

Homeward Bound

It's a rainy night in Acme Acres, and Furrball's cardboard box has fallen apart in the rain. Furrball goes to a dumpster to get whatever fish is left in a can, but the garbage truck comes by and empties the dumpster. Furrball then walks sadly away towards the street, where he is washed away by a Night Fright Truck. Furrball sneezes and walks toward an apartment building. Inside the building is a family of cats and their owner who takes care of them. As the rich couple takes a walk outside with their daughter, Furrball squeaks at the window to get the Kitten's attention. The kitten walks over to him and leads him inside.

Now inside the house, Furrball makes friends with the kitten, who leads him to the fire, and wants him to play with her and chase her around the house. The Kitten's father does not care for Furrball's appearance or company, as Furrball is a filthy alley cat. Still, the Kitten continues to play with Furrball. The Kitten's Mother takes her away and whacks Furrball with her tail. The Kitten pushes a toy mouse toward Furrball so they can play together. At one point, when Furrball plays with the mouse, he accidentally bumps into a table with a vase on it. The Kitten's Father catches the vase before it falls to the floor and attempts to get Furrball to leave.

As the milionaires arrive home, their daughter notices Furrball. She wants to keep him, but her Mother tells her not to touch him, as she will get fleas. The Rich Father takes Furrball outside as his daughter tries to convince him to let her keep Furrball. He tells her, "Absolutely not!" and tosses Furrball outside, where he lands in a garbage can. The rich little girl and the kitten are sad to see that he is not wanted in their apartment.

Outside the apartment, a homeless couple and their son are next to the garbage can, lighting a fire in a nearby garbage can to keep warm. The Little Boy notices the Rich Little Girl inside about to have dinner with her family and waves to her through a window. She waves back to him, but her mom and father pull down the window shade, as he is not welcome in their home either. The Peasants' Son goes to the end of a sidewalk, and Furrball, who is watching him from inside the garbage can, feels sorry for him, as he has suffered a similar fate. He takes a half-eaten can of fish from the garbage can, and decides to share it with the little boy. Both the Little Boy and Furrball are happy now. They may not have the best life, but they now have each other.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Frank Welker Furrball
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig



  • Elmyra: "I love to play with puppy, I love to play all day, I love to play with puppy, because he doesn't run away!"
  • Kindly Lady: "What's wrong, Honey?"
Elmyra: "Well, my poor little puppy ran away, and don't ever call me 'honey'!"
  • Kindly Lady: "Maybe this is your dog."
(Byron puts on a Batman mask.)
Elmyra: "No. My dog was drawn better."
  • Plucky: "Why, any girl would be happy to date a duck like me. I've got looks, brains, savoir faire." (Pulls out some coins from his pocket) "Well, I've got bus fare."


  • In the episode segment, Party Crasher Plucky, Plucky attempts to get into the party as Rocky Balboa, Dirty Harry, and Pee Wee Herman.
  • In the episode segment, Party Crasher Plucky, Plucky imitates Disney's title mascot, Mickey Mouse to get into Shirley MacLaine's mansion.
  • In the episode segment, Party Crasher Plucky, the magazine, News Month, is a parody of the magazine, Newsweek.
  • The music for the episode segment, Homeward Bound, is done in the style of ragtime composer Scott Joplin.


  • The episode segment, Little Dog Lost marks the first (and only) appearance of Elmyra Duff as a baby.
  • The episode segment, Homeward Bound is said to be the most emotional episode of Tiny Toons
  • The episode segment, Little Dog Lost, there is a Blard Simpleton toy along with a toy bunny in the inside of a van as a car window toys
  • The title is somewhat of a misnomer, since only the intro and the third segment focus on Furrball.


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